2-Inch Wide Western Leather Belts Review & Guide

From the prehistoric times crossing the medieval period to the modern age, belts have come through a number of evolutions. You must marvel at the change-over of belts in different ages. A time went past when people used to hitch their pants up, and then the type of belt used is of a high difference than what is used today. However, today we have made a review of 2-inch wide western leather belts considering the growing demand for this.

What do 2-inch wide western leather belts mean? It means that the belt is 2-inch in its length. Maximum belts in this review are 2-inch wide except 1 or 2. This review is a blend of some formal and casual belts collection.

So, without being vocal, let’s jump into the review:

REVIEWS: 2 Inch Wide Western Leather Belts

01: Men's Genuine Leather Dress Belts Made with Premium Quality

2-inch wide western leather belts

Generally, people think that if you want to buy something qualitative, you need to burn a hole in your pocket. However, it’s not true all the time. Look at this 2-inch wide leather belt, which is an igniting example of money and quality is not always complementary.

KM Legend made this men’s leather belt, keeping in mind that quality is the top-notch priority of an item. Ideal craftsmanship blossoms throughout the entire belt.

You know that every single item goes through wear and tear, but you will enjoy high durability with this belt. As one of these 2-inch-wide-western-leather-belts is furnished with beautiful color and style, it is highly compatible for wearing before going to any occasion.

Since prestige depends on gentle attire to some extent, we don’t think this one will frustrate you in this regard rather it will offer you a great look.

Providing that this belt doesn’t seem according to what appeared on the photo after the delivery is made to you, you are allowed by the company to return the product to them within the next 30 days with a free exchange facility.

Features Highlighted:

  • Finest craftsmanship.
  • Belted closure.
  • Special for wearing while going on any occasion.
  • Available in a variety of color options.
  • Handmade design.

02: Timberland PRO Men's 38mm Boot Leather Belt

2 inch wide western leather belts

Those men who are fashion-forward always hanker after clothing and style. Definitely, belt plays a significant role in completing attire. But, do you know what thing a person searches for in a leather belt for men? They think it must be a men’s western belt and all the rage.

Are you searching for 2-inch wide western leather belts? No worries then, we are here to quench your thirst. Yes, this hand-wash-design belt is made of complete genuine leather and you will feel comfortable touching the belt as this 2-inch wide belt comes with a soft texture.

But, there is another advantage- what’s that? With ages, the belt will look terrific. What other materials are there in the belt? They are a rubber patch logo, which looks nice, and a textured roller buckle.

We are not recommending this belt for formal use cases rather it is well-fitted with informal or casual attire. But, the versatile design must mesmerize you at the end of the day.

Features Highlighted:

  • Made of genuine leather.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Versatile design.
  • Looks great and quite casual.
  • Well-crafted.

03: Nocona Belt Co. Men's Floral Embose

It’s a different type of belt for you who need wide men leather belts. Why is the word ‘’different’’ in the previous sentence? Certainly, it’s because this leather belt comes with a floral-emboss design.

The belt is congenial to those who keep a mind or taste of striking a pose. However, this belt is also made of genuine leather.

This elegant-floral-embossed belt is a great offering from Nocona Belt Company, which provides the total package-from great craftsmanship to endless style.

People with their waists ranging from 30 to 46 will find this belt adjustable for them.

Features Highlighted:

  • Floral-embossed design.
  • Made of genuine leather.
  • Triple snap removable buckle.
  • Snap closure.
  • Well-suited with informal attire.

04: Columbia Men's Double Loop Belt-Casual Dress with Single Prong Buckle for Jeans Khakis

To those people who are in want of quality and style altogether, this leather belt is a great choice. Being made with a combination of bonded leather and leather, it has a belt closure design.

For sure, an odd-looking belt will make you feel bursting at the seams. Of course, this one will not be in that class.

The stylish look of this 1.6 inch wide belt for jeans is in bloom because of its double loop. But, this one will not quench your thirst as a formal belt.

As hardware, you will see here a sleek metal harness buckle. But, we recommend you not to buy the belt flying by the seat of your pants, rather go through its features and then take your decision.

We strongly hope you will meet your waist size because the belt is being offered in different size variants.

How wide is the belt?

This leather belt is one and a half inches wide. However, its durability and elegant look keep it a bit ahead. But, you have to struggle to get it through the loops.

The logo of Columbia brand is embossed on its surface, which not only proves the brand’s authenticity but also provides a gorgeous look.

Is the buckle removable?

Unfortunately, the answer is negative. Here, you will see the buckle sewn around leather.

What is the medium size for the belt?

Perspective varies from person to person. To me, 32-26 is the medium size but let us know in the comment box if your answer is different.

Features Highlighted:

  • Offering from a reputed brand.
  • Durability comes with elegant look.
  • No special for formal attire.
  • Belt closure system.
  • Offering in a reasonable price.
  • Made with the combination of leather and bonded leather.

05: Style n Craft 2-Inch Work Belt Heavy Duty Oiled Top Grain Leather

2 inch wide western leather belts

Is there any person in the world who wants to lose his shirt for a worse product? Don’t worry; we hope this 2-inch wide belt will not deject you indeed.

Roger that! Let’s start by naming the material the belt is made of. It’s top grain oiled leather, which has high durability.

Besides being a regular accessory, a belt quenches the demand for both formal and informal attire. Yes, this belt is a package for you because you can use the belt both with your formal and casual attire.

Extra security has been ensured in this belt as this one is sewn by a heavy-duty nylon thread. The buckle, which is a double-pronged metal roller design, is heavily reinforced, providing sturdiness in its design.

The company manufactured the rivets with caps, which are in antique finish, so the belt can offer an extended durability.

How many color options of the belt are available?

This 2-inch wide leather belt is being offered in only one color option, which is dark brown.

Does the belt come with three-piece construction?

Definitely, it does. There are three straps joined together in this belt and each of those joints is stitched and then riveted.

Is the dark brown color suitable?

Yes, it’s 100% suitable. This color makes this belt a perfect pick for both formal and casual attire.

Features Highlighted:

  • Made of top-grain oiled leather.
  • Three-piece constructions.
  • Riveted with caps for extra safety.
  • Available in only dark brown color.

06: Aker Leather B03 Sam Browne Duty Belt

2 inch wide leather belts

The touch of modernization hasn’t even left any single corner to modernize and standardize, and clothing manufacturers have diversified their products in different styles and qualities. This 2-inch heavy-duty leather belt is a perfect example of so.

Leather shoes and leather belts play half the total role in fulfilling a man’s attire. Wearing brands shirt and pants ends in smoke providing that they are not adjusted with a good quality belt and a shoe.

As this belt is certified and tested by federal agencies around the world, it keeps you apart from worrying about quality to a large extent.

The screw closure and basketweave design with a two-prong chrome center-bar buckle has added some more beauty in design to the belt.

Is the belt comfortable?

The belt is made half leather-lined to ensure your comfort. But, we always recommend you to purchase at least 1 size larger than your waist. If your waist size and belt’s size are equal, it will ruin your comfort to some extent.

Who uses the 2-inch wide leather belt much?

The leather belt has earned a high reputation in the entire US west coast. Police and sheriffs are seen wearing this belt in that region. The reason for being highly used by them is the half leather-lined system provides extra support for their holsters.

Features Highlighted:

  • Made of vegetable-tanned cowhide and raw materials.
  • Extra support for sagging holsters.
  • Screw closure design.
  • Gorgeous look.
  • Tested by law-enforcement bodies.

07: Men's Genuine Leather Dress Belts Made with Premium Quality

2-inch wide western leather belts

Are you a fashion-forward person? Do you like to see yourself spiffed up with formal or casual attire? Then this 2-inch wide western leather belt is a tip-top match for you.

Whether it is an occasion or a job interview, no worry, this belt is going to be your partner. Durability is not the only thing to mention about this belt; the finest craftsmanship is also worth mentioning.

This 2 inch belt is in the peak-choice list of many due to its extended style and eye-catching look.

If you are fussy about color, no worry then, this leather belt is available in several color variants, so you can pick up one of those 2-inch wide western leather belts according to your choice.

Is this 2-inch wide western leather belt special?

Yes, it is really special for you if you are sick of sticking to the same dressing style. Even though choice varies from person to person, our mind says that this belt is alluring in its look.

What material is the belt made of?

KM Legend, which is a perfect dress code solution, never compromises with quality. They manufactured this belt with 100% genuine cowhide leather with zinc buckle closure.

Is the belt durable?

Besides being made with genuine cowhide leather, the double edge-stitching, and long-lasting metal buckle ensure the belt’s durability.

Features Highlighted:

  • Easy fitting.
  • Eye-popping craftsmanship.
  • Special as a gift.
  • Different color variants.
  • Durable enough.

8: Big & Tall Mens Heavy Duty Black Leather Belt

2 inch wide western leather belts

Do you want a quality belt within your budget? If your choice is not only a full grain leather belt, this one is really special for you. The buckle’s color is bright silver and comes with a nickel finish.

The removable buckle feature enables you to replace it if necessary. So, you are flexible here.

The ingredient that was used to manufacture one of these 2-inch wide western leather belts is bonded leather. But, the company ensures you that it won’t crack and peel. What else do you need to know?

You will be surprised to hear that this two-inch-wide belt allows you to carry holsters and tool pouches. Besides so, the belt comes with a lifetime guarantee, which is secured against any defect.

Surprisingly, all these features rolled the belt into one.

Is the belt made of 100% leather?

Yes, the belt is made of 100% leather.

How many sizes available for this 2 inch wide western leather belt?

Actually, it’s quite natural that buyers have different taste of mind. They want to see different color variants. But, we are sorry here because this one is available in only black color variant.

Features Highlighted:

  • Made of bonded leather.
  • Comes with double row holes.
  • Sturdy heavy duty steel roller buckle.
  • Secured from rolling.

To get some reviews on heavy-duty leather work belts, please visit: best heavy-duty leather work belts

9: Heavy Duty Work Belts

2 inch wide leather belts

Never do we want you to bite off more than you can chew. That’s why we always bring belts within your budget. This is a simple belt made of high-quality genuine leather we have added to our list.

However, this one is also a heavy duty leather work belt.

Buckle is an important part of a belt, so what about its buckle? Yes, it’s made of durable Stainless steel. Do you know what’s the twist hidden in the buckle? The buckle is hollow from inside but it doesn’t affect durability of this 2 inch men’s leather belt.

The belt is in the top of the choice-list of military officers because the belt includes a dense fabric from which the military camouflage is sewn.

Can this 2-inch wide men’s leather belt be used as a tool belt?

Definitely. And that’s the reason for which this one has been a great choice to military officers, soldiers, police, security guards, and fishermen.

Is there any disadvantage of this belt?

Yes, it’s a natural feature of a genuine leather belt that flaws, roughness, abrasion, unevenness could appear on this belt over time.

Is there any warranty for this belt?

The answer will certainly make your startle. This leather belt comes with 50 years of warranty.

Features Highlighted:

  • Made of genuine leather belt.
  • Double prong.
  • Resistance to stretching and various deformations.
  • Lightweight.
  • Various use-cases.

10: McGuire Nicholas 960 2-Inch Roller Buckle Belt in Tan Saddle Leather

2 inch wide western leather belts

It’s the nature of human beings that they don’t always want to see themselves in formal or informal attire. When dramatic mind peeps in one, one wants to adorn with different décor.

This simple-looking 2-inch wide western leather belt is not something simple indeed and along with this its exceptional color variant turns your taste to a different angle.

However, great fame in the belt industry is nurtured by basketweave design and so we don’t need to say something more than what appears on the belt.

To manufacture the belt, the manufacturer used a heavy-duty rust-resistant plate as hardware and a single prong roller buckle with a strap keeper.

Features Highlighted:

  • Looks stylish.
  • Suitable for casual use-case.
  • Made of leather.
  • Basketweave design.
  • Available in a low price.

2 inch wide black leather belt

There is popular hearsay that black is the symbol of grief. But, this hearsay is not true in the case of clothing. However, people have an emotion surrounding this black color. You are planning to go on any journey, or to the office, you must be thinking of choosing the black-colored belt.

In our list, maximum belts have black color variants except one or two. Bear in mind, a black-colored belt must be accompanied by black leather shoes. Color matching of belts and shoes is quite essential because mismatching between them will offer you an awkward look.

How Wide Should a Western Leather be?

The sizing or width of a belt doesn’t vary much because people’s waists have a limit and belts are made according to and within that limit. We see casual belts are 1.5 to 1.75 inches in wide. However, in this review, we brought some belts sizing 2 inches. Indeed, width doesn’t matter in the case of normal leather or western leather belt but quality does matter. They can be of different shapes and sizes.


What Do 2 Inch Wide Western Leather Belts Mean?

It’s quite simple, and it refers to the 2-inch width of a belt. You can determine the size by measuring it. To measure the size, you just need a tap. After having it, lay your belt on a flat surface. Start measuring from the hole you use to the end of a belt, where the buckle is affixed. Bear in mind that the end of the belt won’t include the buckle.


Why Would You Go for The 2 Inch Wide Leather Belts?

A 2-inch wide belt is basically a large-sized belt. People whose abdomens are large may go for this. But, indeed, 2-inch wide leather belts are less stylish. With the touch of modernization, belts sizes are becoming smaller. So, if you like to purchase a smaller in-size belt, you can visit the best heavy-duty leather work belts or best leather belts made in the USA.


Things to Check before Buying a 2 inch Wide Western Leather Belt

In a nutshell, we have to say that you must check fit, design, and functionality before buying a belt. Generally, belts for formal attire are not-all-the-rage kinds of belts. It means these belts are simple in design. Don’t worry; we kept some fashionable belts too on our list so that buyers with different tastes can meet their demand.

What material is used in a belt is a vital issue to consider because quality and durability depend on the material to a great extent, leather and the buckle especially. Furthermore, you should measure your waists and choose at least 1 inch larger in-size belt than your waist.

How to Store Your 2 Inch Wide Western Leather Belt?

You can store your 2-inch men’s leather belt in a closet or you can use a rack too. Storing your belt in a closet is quite safer because this place is completely detached from harmful sunlight and tends to have low humidity levels.

On the other hand, you know that a rack has a set of hooks on a metal bar or wooden board and you can easily hang your belt by its buckle on the hooks. Besides so, you can also use a belt organizer for storing your belt.


Do Leather Belts Last Longer?

Generally, quality leather lasts for at least 10-15 years in some cases. Corrected leather is the lower quality of leather that lasts between five to ten years.

On the other hand, split and bonded leather lasts a few years at best. If you want a belt lasting for many years, the best option for you full-grain leather belt as it has excellent natural elasticity, natural moisture resistance, and is aesthetically pleasing.

You can click here to learn more about how long a leather belt lasts.


How to Maintain 2 Inch Wide Western Leather Belts?

This process is quite similar to the process of storing a leather belt. We are again saying- to maintain your 2-inch wide western leather belt, you can use a closet, or a hanger, or a belt organizer.


Should You Wear One Belt All The Time?

Every single item goes through wear and tear because of frequent use. It’s never recommended to have only one belt in your wardrobe. Rather it’s better for you to maintain more than one belt and always differentiate belts according to formal and casual use cases.


How to Choose the Right Size Leather Belt?

Actually, when you are buying a belt online, it’s slightly difficult to measure the right size. But don’t worry; in the box above the description on Amazon, the sizes are mentioned in a row from where you can easily choose your desired one. For so, you just need to know your waist size and take at least a 2-inch larger in-size belt while buying.


How to Choose Quality Leather Belts for Men?

Follow the following steps to select a quality leather belt that suits you-

  • Try to pick up a decent-colored leather belt. Make sure the belt is not colored with several pigments because these pigments rupture and spread out over time.
  • Don’t buy a belt unless it fits around your waist.
  • Keep in mind that belts vary according to particular dress types. So, match your belt with that particular dress type and then judge.
  • Select good quality leather, like- full-grain leather, top-grain leather, or genuine leather.
  • The belt must come with a high-quality buckle upon which the belt’s durability depends.
  • Make sure the belt is in its appropriate length.

What Type of Buckle is Used in the Belt?

Generally, a buckle is a clasp that fastens two ends and that’s why it is of high importance. Buckles are of different types including slide buckles, tie buckles, snap buckles, slide release buckles, roller buckles, and cam buckles. If the buckle is made out of silver, you can be assured that it is of good quality.


How to Recognize a 2-inch Wide Men’s Leather Belt?

You have nothing additional to do to recognize a 2 inch wide men’s leather belt except measure it with a tap.



We tried our best to unite all the best-in-quality 2-inch wide western leather belts in this review. This is a blend of fashion and simplistic design. We strongly hope you can meet your demand through our review. For your help, we are recommending you these two belts-


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