Best Leather Backpacks Review for Men’s and Women’s | 2020 (Buying Guide)

Leather is a material that has been in place for a long time, proving its natural quality not being faded over time and durability. Leathers are used in the majority of our necessary products. You are always able to recover your price money when you are buying a leather-made product because leather is expensive but it is a long-lasting material. If you are searching for the best leather backpack then we are working for you to provide you an elegant backpack.

From our young generation to old-aged people a common item namely a backpack is useful and the use is different on the basis of the profession and walks of life. But the thing that all walks of people look forward to while buying the product is durable and looks. Undoubtedly backpack is an item that gives an extraordinary look to youths and other people too.

But sometimes necessities come before look and this case is very common among grown-up people but it is vice-versa in the case of the young generation. If you want to purchase a leather backpack, don’t look at the expense because durable items are by born costly. It is needless to say that leather is the most preferable material than others.

The Best Leather Backpacks

1: WUDON Travel Backpack for Men & Women

best leather backpack

This is one of the best leather backpacks being offered at a reasonable price, $59.69. This genuine leather backpack is stylish and elegant. Those who are of artistic mind must go for the backpack, which has been given solid craftsmanship and construction with tensile stitching & rust-resistant, zine-alloy rivets & hardware.

The backpack is designed with a cotton lining and drawstring design. The leather backpack is highly durable because it is made with waterproof & durable waxed canvas to protect your tech and with genuine crazy horse leather that allows for heavy-duty, daily use. The well-designed backpack, an offering by WUDON which is imported, includes multiple pockets where you can easily carry a laptop and other things.

If you are a travel-hungry person, school goers, college-goers, or university goers, no matters to worry about because you can carry this genuine leather backpack for all of the purposes. The best leather backpack under $100 can attract your mind with its crazy design.

Key Features:

  • The backpack is made with a spacious main pocket as well as 3x storage pockets as a result you can carry heavy things easily.
  • Made with waterproof and durable waxed canvas.
  • Spectacular craftsmanship.
  • Favorable for traveling, camping, hiking, shopping, and also for going to school, college, and university.
  • It’s interior capacity is 13.5” (L) x 6.1” (W) x 18.5” (H).

2: COOFIT Black Leather Backpack

best leather backpack

The simple design of the backpack can best suit women and the backpack is being offered by COOFIT, the company has been in the field since 2010. The best leather backpacks under $100 are being offered in a variety of color options including classic black, classic black with a keychain, classic brown, coofit original design black, coofit original design brown, nylon black, and nylon khaki.

The backpack, worth of $34.98, is made of PU leather. The best leather backpack provides an elegant look because the logo of the backpacks is printed on the surface. The backpack is having a dimension of 11.41*13.77*5.11 in (W*H*D). Using the backpack, you can easily carry a laptop, cell phone, school supplies, and other essentials easily as it has roomy compartments and being offered at a reasonable price.

No matter you are office goers or university goers, this one is perfect for you. You can go shopping and outing too with this backpack. Our preference for you is the black one because the black one goes with all attires indeed.

Key Features:

  • Best-suited backpack for women.
  • Zipper top closure and availability of front and side pockets.
  • roomy enough for daily essentials.
  • Backpacks with a fashionable look.
  • Offering in a variety of color options indeed.

3: Samsonite Classic Leather Slim Backpack

best leather backpack

We have included this best leather backpack as this one is being offered by a top manufacturer brand namely Samsonite. Samsonite International S.A. is a luggage manufacturer and retailer, with products ranging from large suitcases to small toiletries bags and briefcases. The company was found in Denver, Colorado, United States. Its registered office is in Luxembourg and it is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

This genuine leather backpack worth of $114.34 is being offered in two color variants including black and brown. Both of the colors are most suited and our recommendation is brown for you. If you are searching for a stylish backpack then we highly recommend you to buy the backpack. This is a spacious backpack for men especially.

Key Features:

  • Front zip slash pocket,
  • Dedicated padded laptop pocket,
  • Large slip pocket, curved zipper and mesh zippered pocket and
  • Complete full-sized organizer pocket.

4: S-ZONE Men Vintage Genuine Leather Backpack

This genuine leather backpack is being offered with a mediocre budget, $129.99. S-ZONE, a reputed backpack manufacturer, used top crazy horse genuine leather, cotton lining, and quality YKK zipper to manufacture the backpack and provide it with the best craftsmanship.

This durable backpack has been given a height of 0.7,’’width of 14,’’ and 17’’ shoulder strap. This best leather backpack conveys a spacious compartment with a size of 17.3*12.6*5.1inch.

Laptops, iPad, and other necessities can be easily carried through the backpack indeed. This backpack is the best choice for sports, hiking, traveling, camping and business trip, etc. In the exterior part of the backpack, there are 5x front pockets, 2x side pockets, and 1 x back zippered pockets. And in the interior part of the backpack, there is 1x main compartment, 1x laptop compartment, 2 x slip pockets for phone, mouse, or power cord, 2 x sling slots for pens, 1 x iPad compartment, and 1 x back zippered pocket.

The front sight of the backpack provides a look of wildness because of the style of disorderly scratches. The backpack will be softer and smoother over time.

Key Features:

  • The combination of leather and cotton made the backpack durable and given it a magnificent look,
  • Zipper close average height and width,
  • Its internal compartment is made of thick foam sleeve,
  • Suitable for sports, hiking, traveling, camping and business trip, etc.
  • Capacious interior and exterior capacity.

5: Fossil Leather Backpack

best leather backpack

Only youths can understand the significance of backpacks because in their daily work schedule they need to go to university, college, school, office, or outing. You know a student looks complete with a backpack. Among those youths, those who have a high-quality choice and good preference must select an elegant backpack.

This backpack is categorized as one of the best backpacks made with genuine leather. The backpack is being offered in terms of a handsome amount, $331.53. This backpack is of two color variants which refer to the opportunity to the buyers because they can pick one of those colors according to their preference.

The exterior part of the backpack is made of 1 top zipper pocket, 1 front zipper pocket, and brass hardware. On the other hand, the interior part is made of 1 padded slip pocket, 1 zipper pocket, 2 slip pockets, and 3 pen holders. The reason for the durability of the backpack is 100% cotton twill lining.

For those who are luxurious and want to use the branded products, the backpack, having a height of 17’’ and width of 11.5’, is especially for them. For those who are varsity goers to them, this is the best choice.

This genuine leather backpack having a measurement of 11.5″L x 5″W x 17.5″H is imported from a company namely Fossil Group Inc., which is an American fashion designer and manufacturer founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis and based in Richardson, Texas.

If you want to carry a laptop, then you are most welcome with the backpack which is consisted of 1 leather top handle and 2 leather and mesh adjustable shoulder straps.

Key Features:

  • The backpack is recognized as a luxury product.
  • Zipper closure and 15’’ shoulder drop.
  • Imported from a regulated brand.
  • Average height and width and best choice to youths.
  • Hand washes.
  • Mesmerizing tincture anointed upon the backpack.

6: Men's Leather Vintage Roll On Laptop Backpack

best leather backpack

There are many people who are searching for a suitable backpack that adjust them well. But they hardly find the best backpack according to their desire. To meet their demand we worked hard and found out a suitable backpack for them.

This is one of the best leather backpacks under $100 and for those who have a mediocre budget; it enhances their opportunity to buy this backpack indeed.

This best leather backpack is elegant and provides an outlook of disorderly designed providing uniqueness. The infrastructure of this backpack is made with the inclusion of an adjustable shoulder strap, roll close backpack with a small front pocket.

With the backpack’s 2 big inner compartments and 2 zipper compartments, one can easily carry important files, mini laptops, taps, documents, or paperwork. The backpack goes suitable for day-to-day work. The outlook and spectacular view of the backpack are for their furnished craftsmanship. The backpack will provide a natural leather smell within a few days from usage of this bag indeed.

Key Features:

  • This is a cost-efficient backpack to purchase.
  • This is a fashionable backpack and gives an outstanding look.
  • This backpack is not scratchy and not feels coarse.
  • The backpack is a durable and simple design with a mesmerizing look.
  • Made of 100% leather indeed.

7: BLUBOON Canvas Vintage Backpack

best leather backpack

If you want to wear a backpack casually then this genuine leather backpack is the best one for you. This best leather backpack is under $100 which is highly cost-efficient for you. To both men and women, this backpack is favorable and suitable indeed.

This best leather backpack is being offered in a number of color variants including black, coffee, green, grey, light blue, light coffee, and mint green. We know girls’ color choice always alters than gents. So these color variants will help girls to pick up their best choice.

The backpack has been designed in a different shape with soft canvas and genuine leather. Backpack lovers will pick the backpack because of its nice vintage look and outstanding temperament. Whether you go to school, college, traveling, or hiking, the backpacks go well with all of the options.

By using the backpack you can carry a 15.6-inch laptop, wallet, keys, iPad, tablets, and other necessary things very easily. Large devices such as laptops can be easily carried with the backpack because the backpack has a laptop sleeve with a Velcro secured pocket.

The well-designed backpack is enshrined with an elastic waist or drawstring which helps to tighten the main compartment is an enhancement of security. The shoulder straps are padded so it won’t make you feel scratchy and rubbed.

As the best leather backpack, having a size of 12*17.8*6.5 inches(L*H*W) and capacity of 22.6L is made with soft canvas, which cannot be easily torn so it’s durable, and genuine leather, it will make you feel comfortable. A person can use this backpack for almost all purposes indeed. This imported backpack is from a reputed brand namely BLUBOON.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and padded straps with genuine leather.
  • Cost-efficient backpack but luxurious.
  • The offering of durability and easy-carrying of laptop.
  • Offering a nice vintage look.

8: Kenox Vintage PU Leather Backpack

best leather backpack

Those who are careful people never only look at the beautiful and crafty design of a backpack, they must select such a backpack that not only suits them but also remove their strain and brings comfort. According to my view, this Kenox Vintage PU Leather Backpack is one of the best leather backpacks made with PU leather.

Sturdy and durable PU leather is used to make the backpack sturdy as well as comfortable. The design and structure of the backpack are transparent because of its high-class material, sturdy zippers, padding on the straps, and back support.

The backpack can be the best choice for the gents and this best leather backpack under $100 is a recovery of your price money. The backpack having a size of 17*13*5 inches will give you a very classy look and I strongly hope you will be satisfied with the use of the backpack over time.

You can easily use this backpack for almost all purposes like going to college, varsity, and traveling. Besides the backpack is an offering from a reputed company indeed.

Key Features:

  • Made with high-class PU leather and given it a classy look.
  • Padded straps and back support.
  • Its size can afford a laptop.
  • Both of its compartments are secured with zippers.
  • Easy to maintain weight balance.
  • A durable offering at a reasonable price.

9: Solo Reade Vintage Leather Backpack

best leather backpack

If you are searching for a premium leather backpack with a medium budget segment, then this backpack is going to be the best for you. You can easily use the backpack for running your daily works. You can carry a laptop up to 15.6 inches of screen with the backpack.

The material that has been used in the backpack is slightly rugged but gave it a smooth finish and elegant. Simplicity is bloomed within the backpack because of its only a slide-in and zippered pocket outside and no complex craftsmanship in design.

The sturdiness and durability of the backpack are because of its premium Colombian leather and padded interior lining. The compartments of the backpack are out of scratchy and separate. Though the straps of the backpacks are padded, you can easily carry high weights. The best thing that consumers always search for is a warranty and the backpack belongs to a 5-year warranty.

Official files, laptops, and accessories can be easily carried through the backpack and that’s why you can carry them back to the office too is it’s another specialty.

Key Features:

  • Easy to carry weight for its padded compartment.
  • Stylish premium leather body and laptop carrying capability.
  • Made from the highest quality materials.
  • A quick-access pocket and front zip-down organizer section.
  • Suitable to use for all purposes.
  • Simple craftsmanship.
  • 5-year warranty.

10: BOSTANTEN Leather Backpack

best leather backpack

This is one of the best leather backpacks that are being offered in terms of a handsome amount, $174.98. The backpack has only one color variant namely coffee and it’s a color favorite to both men and women.

Top layer crazy horse genuine leather has been used to make the backpack. The internal structure of the backpack contains 1 laptop compartment padded and 2 slip pockets. On the other hand, the external structure of the backpack includes 1 front magnetic bucket pocket, 1 back zipper pocket, and 2 side pockets.

The backpack with more pockets and large capacity allows you to carry your wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, and other products including a 15.6-inch computer.

The backpack with a premium budget has a dimension of 14.17(L) x 7.87(W) x 15.75(H) inch and a weight of 1.75 kg/3.63 lb. This backpack is being offered from a reputed brand indeed.

Key Features:

  • Large capacity helps to carry large things.
  • Alluring design with the best craftsmanship.
  • High weight-taking capability.
  • Easy and handy to use for all daily purposes.
  • Suitable to all walks of people.
  • Made with horse genuine leather and unique color.
  • The best choice for artistic-minded people.

11: BOSTANTEN Leather Laptop Backpack

best leather backpack

If you are searching for a luxurious, gorgeous-looking, uncommon backpack then this laptop backpack purse can be one of the best leather backpack choices for you. It will give you a completely casual look and you just can’t imagine how well it will be with you.

This leather backpack under $100 is available in only one color variant with a 41% discount currently. The backpack outwardly provides a magnificent look but its interior and exterior design is complex with a number of pockets.

In the inner part of the backpack, there are 1 laptop pocket, 2 slash pockets, and 1 zipper pocket available. The backpack is durable because of its custom ant hardware, long-lasting polyester lining, and zipper closure design.

The backpack is made of genuine cow leather which is soft. With the backpack, you are going to have a one-year warranty. In your daily all kinds of works including traveling and hiking, you can use the backpack indeed.

There is an adjustable shoulder strap that you can easily adjust according to your body length and you are more comfortable with the backpack.

The backpack has a size of (L) 11 x (H) 15.5 x (W) 5.9 inches / (L) 28 x (H) 39.5 x (W) 15 cm and a weight of 2.2 lb (1.02 kg). Besides these issues, the backpack is an offering from a reputed brand namely BOSTANTEN, a brand specializing in manufacturing genuine leather products for men and women including wallets, purses, belts, handbags, clutches, briefcase, messenger bags, and other items.

Key Features:

  • The backpack is an offering from a reputed brand.
  • Backpack with an eye-catching design.
  • The best backpack to wear casually.
  • Made of luxurious genuine cow leather.
  • A one-year warranty is available.
  • Most durable because of the quality of materials.

12: Polare Men's Handcrafted Full Grain Cowhide Leather Vintage Laptop Backpack

best leather backpack

This handcrafted full-grain cowhide leather vintage laptop backpack is a gorgeous and classy backpack to the user. You will purchase the backpack because of its sturdiness as it is made of soft full-grain leather with high-quality YKK metal zippers.

The backpack stands as a symbol of comfort, durability, and elegance. This is a slightly upgraded design boomed throughout the backpack. The backpack is offering from a reputed company that builds trust among buyers indeed.

You can easily carry a laptop and other devices through the backpack as the backpack is a spacious and protective sleeve. The backpack has a dimension of 31.5(L)*11.5(W)*43(H)cm /12.4(L)*4.52(W)*17(H) inches and weight of 3.75lb/1.7kg. The design of the backpack was done by Polare. The backpack has a 1-year warranty.

The backpack is available in two polished color variants including dark brown and light brown and both of the colors well go with the backpack indeed.

Key Features:

  • Made with strong material and the backpack is highly durable.
  • High-quality YKK metal zipper used in the backpack.
  • Gives extra protection to internal objects.
  • Made with soft grain leather which increases your comfort.

What Things to Check before Buying A Backpack?

All things we do for our consumers and readers are cumbersome. So, we never want our diligence and hard work to go bust. Our main focus is always on quality rather than only being on design.

Before writing a review, we go through some related websites including gear hungry and travelgearzone, and others to find out the most qualified and attractive products so that our consumers never be deceived.

We just have brought some best leather backpack reviews for you. Now we want to know you of some key features that you should consider before buying a backpack and these key features are:

  • Is it an offering from a reputed brand?
  • Quality of leather.
  • How sturdy the stitching is?
  • Build Quality.
  • Weight-bearing capability.
  • The infrastructure of the backpack according to your physical structure.


Other Things That Must be Focused on:

Capacity: To make a judgment over capacity first you have to think that what type of things you usually carry and whether your usual load will comply with the capacity of the backpack indeed. If you carry a high load then, your backpack capacity must be higher.

Color: Color plays a vital role in giving the look of the backpack. Generally, the color preference of men and women is different and we took it under consideration while making the review. Pick up such a color that suits you the most and give you an outstanding look.

Type of Leather: There are many types of leathers including top-grain, full-grain, split leather, and bonded leather. How much care you should take on your back highly depends on what kind of leather used in your backpack.

Weight: Different backpacks have different levels of weight balances. So, at first, you need to think about what type of thing you want to carry with your backpack then select the backpack. For example, if you want to carry a laptop through your backpack then take a standard size of 6lbs.

Size of the Backpack: Size is a big matter while buying a leather backpack and what size you should buy entirely depends on your preference or choice and how much load you take with your backpack indeed. Nowadays small-sized backpacks are more popular and people are wearing these backpacks as a fashion. But the fact is that buyers should go for the best leather backpack from both quality and look.

Style: Everyone wants to buy a smooth finished and stylish backpack that provides users with a magnificent look. Style varies depending on stitching lining, pattern, shape, finish, and color. In the market, there are some backpacks with classy looks because of their disorderly arranged design.

Why Leather Backpack?

In the market, except for nylon, there are some other materials like paracord and ripstop nylon but the fact is that leather is much sturdier than other materials. Other materials can be torn easily whereas leather can’t be torn easily. Leather is capable enough to provide a classy look with being changed in different colors and shapes. Leather takes time to be damaged so it is durable.

Leather is naturally waterproof so you needn’t be worried about your carryings while raining. Leather by born belongs to a quality that gets finer overtime. When leather gets old it looks vintage and regarded as showcasing class.

Leather backpack has never been deemed as unprofessional so it refers that you can carry a backpack even while going to the office or workplaces indeed. Besides going to the office other works like while traveling, college-going, school going, outing and hiking you can use a leather backpack indeed.

But there is a judgment like you are wearing such a dress-up which is the combination of formal as well as casual in that case leather backpack is more suitable because a leather backpack secures electronic devices from outside harm.


Leather Backpack VS Nylon Backpack

Are you searching for a backpack to purchase but can’t decide whether to take a leather backpack and nylon backpack. Both leather and nylon backpacks look the same but our strong recommendation is to you that if you have a sufficient budget then move onto a leather backpack.

As we get leather from animal hide, it comes to the final stage through processing appearing a finished look resulting in both kinds of soft and hard leather and it becomes durable, strong, and fashionable. On the contrary that Nylon is made of polymers as material and results in different colors and flexible. Nylon backpacks are cost-efficient.

A leather backpack is very less sensitive to be scratched and scraped so it is durable and long-lasting. Leather provides an additional amount of protection for contents where nylon is a high failure.

With a leather backpack, you are equally getting the balance, fashion, and durability but the look of a nylon backpack proves it to be less costly and less fashionable. Sharp objects can make no harm to a leather backpack but to a nylon backpack.

Materials used in a leather backpack are most costly than that of a nylon backpack. The leather backpack can be easily repaired and polished but you are not enjoying the opportunity with a nylon backpack indeed.

So the decision is quite simple that for your daily use or traveling or hiking, a leather backpack is more suitable for you indeed. We have made an awesome and qualified backpack review so that you can easily meet your demand.


Types of Leather Backpack

Depending on the quality of leather, a leather backpack is basically of three types including genuine leather, top-grain leather, and full-grain leather.

  • Genuine Leather: In the judgment of quality, genuine leather is staying at its lowest part. Genuine leather is made from real leather and these products are made from leftover leather after the high-end products are made.
  • Top-Grain Leather: This leather is made from the top layer of cowhide. This type of leather is slightly better than the previous one. This leather comes through a detailed process to put on an immaculate look.
  • Full-Grain Leather: If you want to recover your price money by buying a leather backpack then purchase a backpack of a full-grain leather backpack. Full-grain leather is the best quality of leather because this leather is sanded, buffed to remove all kinds of imperfections from it. This leather is basically collected from cowhide and goatskin. Goatskin is lighter and more flexible than cowhide naturally. They are breathable and water-resistant. They are more and more durable for you.


Advantages of Leather Backpack

Leather has been in place from a very early age and in use like making clothes and other products including footwear, backpacks, belts, wallets, etc. There are many types of leather that occupy different fields of products. Leather has been in the fashion industry for a long time with ultimate success.

Different brands are working with leather to give it a different variety of craftsmanship. There is an American brand namely Waskerd has been working leathers and the brand has a specialty that they make personalized products and in terms of style and unique goods.

Waskerd works with collecting the ideology of different walks of people and make the best use of this ideology so that it creates value.

How much durable high-quality leather is fully beyond your imagination. And those manufacturers who are working with leather always try to make it more resistant and durable. But this type of durable leather is more expensive.

A person who is luxurious and values a strong foundation, to his leather items is always preferable. Though leather has proven itself as a timeless fabric, it is both durable and fashionable.

One of the best features of leather is that leather always adds a certain degree of quality to any design being elegant indeed. For example, we can say that if you are going to boxing then a leather jacket is much more preferable to you.

Leather poses qualities of elegance, strength, naturalness, and quality, and these all qualities you won’t have equally with any other material. Genuine leather never is cracked or peeled and these features always prove leather to be a sturdy material.

As a human being a natural objects, they need to be in contact with natural objects and leather is a natural fabric that well goes with humans. Now the question is why not synthetic fabric? It is because the synthetic fabric can cause rashes and makes your skin itch indeed.

Leather is a highly qualified material because it is resistant to dust mites, fire, dry abrasion, and fungal attacks. While traveling or heading towards other places, you need to carry a bunch of your belongings so it is highly better for you to have a leather backpack indeed.

Air can easily transmit through leather as a result the inside materials of a backpack remain free from fungus and moisture so in a word people say leather to be like ‘’leather breathes.’’

Some people are seen to be worried about buying a leather bag finding it woody so the message is to them that leather is such a material that keeps becoming flexible over time retaining its sturdiness. When leather gets soft, it becomes greater and more fashionable to use.

Actually, leather products seemingly appear to be costly compared with other materials but though leather belongs to some unique and exceptional qualities so my question is to you doesn’t leather worth some more price than it is now?

No chemical is used to process leather so this material is undoubtedly eco-friendly. Several new ways are in use for processing leather including un-dyed or vegetable-tanned leather. Right now a great number of cows and other animals are killed in the U.S. for their skin endure the horrors of factory farming-great crowding and deprivation as well as castration, branding, tail-docking, and dehorning-all without any painkiller.

Leather backpack produces a great smell which is common to many. Its natural smell gets highly intensified when it comes in contact with perfume. So leather has become one of the best fabrics for me what about you?


Disadvantages of Leather Backpack

Besides all advantages, there are also some disadvantages available for leather-made products. Leather bags can seem costly to many people. There are also leather bags at low cost but if you want to have a qualified leather bag then you have to pay a big amount to purchase it.

In a maximum of cases, people purchase a leather backpack seeing the quality of the textures but one of the problems that leather backpack belongs to is it has comparatively fewer color variants available.

Another demerit of leather is backpack is that leather bags are easily affected by a change in temperature.


Why LeatherSight?

Our team is working with full determination to provide customers with the best leather backpack review. We think about all walks of people’s capability and affordability while making reviews and that is why we run research on backpacks of different types of different prices from little to high range.

Our main working focus is working on leather backpacks of several types and we are actively be taken to work. We make reviews on the basis of customer feedback to make sure you are not deceived. We work for you so that you can easily meet your demand through us. Your choice is of the top priority to us.

We develop blogs along with reviews so that our customers can easily quench their thirst for knowledge in this regard.  We segregate types of backpacks and make reviews on every single type of backpack including laptop backpack, fishing backpack, school backpacks for men and women, anti-theft backpacks backpack purse, waterproof backpacks, and other related backpacks.

Soon, you are going to have more reviews and blogs related to backpacks so keep in touch indeed.


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