11 Best Leather Belts for Men | Review for 2021

Wearing pants without a belt is likely to a rudderless ship. From the verse, we people who wear pants can only realize the importance of it. Belt increases the beauty of both formal and informal wear. Definitely, to have fashionable wear, we need to have a branded leather belt. For having a high-quality belt we must go for a leather belt. With a view to mitigating our demands several companies or brands are making genuine leather belts for us that can be of jeans belt or formal wearing belt. To have a security and a formal look as well as casual look there is no substitute for wearing a leather belt. If we are an enthusiast of buying genuine leather belts which will provide us a smart look then we have to go for such belts which are made out of leather. A fashion look is impossible without a belt so a classic belt is required to have.

The Best Leather Belts For Men - List Of Reviews

1: CHAOREN Ratchet Dress Belt

best leather belt

To diminish your tension, CHAOREN Ratchet Dress Belt has come in place with a sliding bucket that locks automatically when the ratchet belt is slid. Being comfortable during standing, sitting, or squatting made this one the most durable leather belt.

Don’t be worried when your belt is not befitting with your waist, because this leather belt with removable buckle, which is of high quality, allows you to clip track belt using a pair of scissors.

Features Highlighted:

  • Goes well with both formal and casual attire.
  • Holeless belt.
  • High-density removable buckle.
  • Clamp closure.

2. Handmade Italian Leather Dress Belt

Handmade Italian Leather Dress Belt

This is an amazing looking belt that can be used for both formal as well as casual. The belt is made in the USA. Color options play a vital role to enhance its beauty which is important to be selected as per individuals’ elegance. It’s color options are black, brown, navy, and cognac. The belt is made of pure leather which is approximately 5/32’’ thick and 7 holes spaced 1’’ apart. It has two different layers where one is dual layers of Italian leather on the outside and 3rd layer of leather inside for a raised center. It is crafted in the Northeast Indiana Amish Workshop. Its width is 1.25’’.

Features Highlighted:

  • The slight taper at the tip, the Rounded edge buckle.
  • Made in USA.
  • 5/32’’ thick, 7 holes, and 1.25 width.
  • Durable as well as long-lasting.
  • With a view to selecting the proper belt size add 2 inches to your Waist.

3: Fossil Men’s Griffin Belt Cognac

cheap leather belt

The ingenuity and creativity have blossomed throughout the belt, the most durable leather belt. The craftsmanship done over this cheap leather belt leaves it the highest quality. As hardware, brushed silver is used in the belt.

What do you want from a belt?  Definitely is the quality, and this one really provides you with the guarantee that it will look good over time. The hand washes designed belt marks its quality that includes softness. For sure, this one will quench the demand for both formal and informal attire.

Features Highlighted:

  • Softness and durability.
  • Made of pure leather.
  • Looks good over time.
  • Use of brushed silver.
  • Having a width of 35mm.

4. Carhartt Men’s Reversible Double Row Stitching Belt

Carhartt Men’s Reversible Double Row Stitching Belt

The belt is currently available in two color variants among them one is black and another one is brown. The belt is imported and it’s one of the best features is that it is hand washable. The belt covers 1.5 inches in width. The belt is made of 92% leather and 8% Metal Fiber.

Features Highlighted:

  • Available in two colors one is black and another one is brown.
  • Its width area covers 1.5 inches.
  • Consisted of 92% leather and 8% Metal Fiber.
  • Can be used as both formal and casual.

5: Perry Ellis Men's Portfolio Braided Belt

The braided design and flickering black color made the belt somewhat exceptional than others. We don’t recommend that belt for your formal attire; rather it’s the best-looking belt for casual wear indeed. Being made of leather increases the longevity of the belt.

As this braided leather belt is available in different sizes, don’t worry about your size. Before buying this one, measure your waist size and order the one which is compatible with you.

Features Highlighted:

  • Braided design.
  • Prong buckle with metal loops.
  • Having 7 holes removes your tension about fitting.
  • Available in three color variants.
  • Screw closure.

6: Ledamon Men's Leather Belt

best leather belt

The everyday belt is made from full-grain leather, which is the top layer of the hide and the toughest part. The recommendation for buying a belt is to have the one which is one size larger than the actual waist size.

The alloy buckle of the belt is strong enough, soft, and thick taking its durability level to the perch. The solid structure and build quality of this belt made it one of the best belts for men.

Are you thinking about buying a belt as a gift? This one is a perfect choice indeed compatible for both formal and casual attire. This dress belt is not only available in several sizes but also in multiple colors.

If you want to buy full-grain leather, you can visit the best full grain leather belts.

Features Highlighted:

  • The best quality of leather.
  • Strong alloy buckle.
  • Suitable for all kinds of suits, business, casual, and jeans used.
  • Quality becomes good with time.

7: Milano Men's Full Grain Leather Belt

cheap leather belt

A person is hardly found who doesn’t hanker after perfection. Things become sophisticated when the demand level adjusts perfection with quality. It can be rare, but nor unavailable. You must come out of stinginess if you want to have a quality belt.

How about you find a belt flourished with perfection and quality is being offered at a reasonable price?

Definitely, Milano Men’s Full Grain Leather Belt is such a kind of belt. That the belt of high quality can be understood seeing its full-grain leather. We have brought one of these classic leather belts to light for you through this review.

Features Highlighted:

  • Classic appearance.
  • Simple design.
  • Full grain leather.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Both for casual and formal attire.

8: Timberland PRO Men’s Leather Belt

best leather belt

Elegance looking is essential for any fashionable product because an item out of elegance fails to satisfy the user. So, thinking of the fact of an elegant look, we added this belt to our review.

Let’s have a look at the design. Well, as the belt is made of leather, so there is no worry about its long-lastingness. One of these best men’s leather belts will get durable over time.

Don’t you feel at home with your existing belt? Then leave it off and have this one. You will just get wowed with its softness and smoothness. The greatness in looking has come with the design.

Features Highlighted:

  • Non-removable buckle.
  • Hand washes.
  • Belt closure.
  • Soft and smooth.
  • Made from genuine leather.

9. Trask Men’s Sutton Belt

Trask Men’s Sutton Belt

The belt is a part of the fashion of a man. It enhances the beauty of a getup of a person. It shows the reflection of an individual’s choice and personality. The belt looks amazing having different color variants including charcoal English suede, navy English suede, snuff English suede, taupe English suede, brandy American steer. The belt is of pure leather indeed.

Features Highlighted:

  • It is having leather-lined.
  • Its hardware is a brushed nickel buckle.
  • There is tonal topstitching in the belt.
  • Having American steer or English suede.

10: Florsheim Men's Full Grain Leather Wingtip Belt

best leather belt

The best leather belt adds a bit of reinforcement to jeans or any dress pants, and belts always complement whatever you wear. From the name of the belt, no doubt you have already understood that this one is made from full-grain leather.

The gentle color and precise needle edge stitching made the belt worthy for both formal and casual attire. The buckle of the belt is of polished nickel. The color variants, black and saddle tan, of the belt are the best and smart-looking option.

Features Highlighted

  • Hand washes.
  • Made from full-grain leather.
  • 32mm in width.
  • Polished nickel buckle.
  • Elegant look.

11: Style n Craft Work Belt in Heavy Top Grain Hunter Leather

Are you searching for a wear-with-everything leather belt? Yes, you have come to the right place. The quadrilateral-shaped roller buckle with two heavy-duty double prongs has a slim and refined look that cuts an always-classic profile.

The uniqueness in this belt while looking at the buckle. The needle edge stitching is at the very corner and strongly stitched. The top grain heavy hunter leather with 2 tones pull up effect has been used to manufacture the belt.

Features Highlighted

  • Unique buckle with 2 prongs.
  • Classic look.
  • Made from top-grain leather.
  • Available in only one color.
  • Durable.

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