Best Leather Tool Belts Review and Guide

Only working-class people can realize how essential tool belts are. In a tool belt, there are various-sized pockets that keep you organized by holding a bundle of tools that are accessible right at your hip. We picked up some best leather tool belts for you so that you can be benefited buying. While writing this review, we bore in mind the issues of sizing, design, quality, and pricing.

Leather tool belts are an amazing innovation brought by manufacturers for the easiness of working-class people. As we know, workers sometimes need to climb at a good height for their works. At that time, they need to carry some tools with them, where the best leather tool belts have their role.

For your welfare, we visited amazon and found out some leather tool belts that are high in quality and reasonable in price. Every single belt in this review has multiple size options. There should not be any worry about quality as we considered only leather belts.

Definitely, your satisfaction is our top-notch priority. So, we should stop waffling, and let’s jump onto the review.

Best Leather Tool Belts - List Of Reviews

1: Bucket Boss Builder’s Tool Belt

best leather tool belts

We think of an item to buy when it has different positive sides. This Bucket Boss Builder’s Tool Belt has some good sides too for which this leather tool belt is recommended. The lightweight design and two adjustable pouches with reinforced bottoms made it a great choice. By design, the belt is made with two hammer loops to hold different-sized hammers.

You can place the pouches with suitability as they are adjustable. Wearers with bigger waists are out of tension now as the belt can be adjusted with more than a 52-inch waist.

One of these best leather tool belts has gotten an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from more than 250 customer reviews. A disadvantage of this belt is it starts to sag after walking up the stairs.

Features Highlighted:

  • High comfort level and durability.
  • The weight is 2.4 pounds when empty.
  • 600-denial polyester ripstop material.
  • Adjustable pouches with reinforced bottoms.

2: Style N Craft Pro-Framers Combo Tool Belt

best leather tool belts

Durability resides above all, and this Style N Craft Pro-Framers Combo Tool Belt has been developed bearing in mind the issue of durability. Even though it offers a classic look, its brownish color made it a bit eye-catchy.

As a material, tanned leather pouches are used to manufacture this belt, and stitched up with durable nylon thread. So that the tool belt’s pockets can contrast the dark exterior for added tool visibility, the pockets have a suede-like interior.

A wearer can feel at home while putting on this belt just because of its roller buckle and double-prong design. A man with a waist between 34-inch to 46-inch can easily put on the belt. We are not saying this one is one of the best leather tool belts, but as per quality, it is top-notch.

To mention a disadvantage of this leather tool belt, we have to say some people felt like cheap and flimsy wearing this belt. But definitely, perspective and choice vary from person to person.

Features Highlighted:

  • Inclusion of 17 pockets.
  • Use of top-grain oiled leather.
  • Roller buckle and double-prong design.
  • Two pouches.
  • Having a weight of 4.14 pounds when empty.

3: AWP TrapJaw Oil-Tan Leather Tool Rig

best leather tool belts

AWP TrapJaw Oil-Tan Leather Tool Rig has come in place to quench the demand for carrying small tools as well as hammers. The belt is a great offering from AWP, which has been in place for 23 years and makes good belts for the price. If the number of items to carry is voluminous, then there is no worry as this one has extra-large pockets for the maximum capacity. Alloy Steel and Riveted reinforcement, for security, maximizes its durability.

Features Highlighted:

  • Having a weight of 6.14 pounds.
  • Made of genuine oil-tanned leather.
  • Dual steel hammer holders.
  • Easy to increase capacity.
  • High durable.

4: Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat

best leather tool belts

People who are allergic to using the same thing for a long duration can have this belt, which is being offered by Occidental leather, which designs and produces impressive and high-quality leather items. This one has been manufactured in the USA and includes 24 pockets and tool holders. This leather tool belt allows for seasonal clothing changes. By design, there are D-rings pre-installed for use with suspension systems Bags feature hand-specific tool holders.

Features Highlighted:

  • Reinforced and well-organized compartments.
  • Availability of hand-specific tool holder.
  • Café color variant.
  • Neoprene as a material.

5: Style N Craft Top Grain Pro-Framers Combo

best leather tool belts

A stylish top-grain leather tool belt is this Style N Craft Top Grain Pro-Framers Combo. The design is compacted with 17 pockets and it is really easy to carry as there is a versatile double pouch.

The nylon thread-sewed tool belt includes six internal pockets in the right side main pouch. For a high extent of security, there are rivets with caps. With a metal hammer holder in the center, there are two smaller pencil holder pockets on the outside.

A person having a waist between 34’’ to 46’’ can wear this tool belt undoubtedly.

Features Highlighted:

  • Having double prong metal roller buckle.
  • Availability of separate belts for bigger waist people.
  • Contrast stitching with heavy-duty nylon thread.
  • Higher safety with rivets with caps.

6: CLC Custom Leathercraft Professional Carpenters Combo Tool Belt

best leather tool belts

If you get exhausted using the same thing day after day, then this CLC Custom Leathercraft Professional Carpenters Combo Tool Belt offers enough versatility for you, allowing you to easily remove parts or to interchange.

That the belt has ample storage for nails and tools is expressed through its 18 pockets-flourished design. For sure, you are not going to face any trouble with adjustments and carrying issues because of its easy carry handle design.

The durability of this belt has been crowned through the tool belt’s rugged and ballistic poly fabric.

Features Highlighted

  • Availability for all sizes of the waist.
  • Entirely versatile.
  • Double-tongue steel roller buckle.
  • 5’’ wide padded comfort.
  • 9 smaller pockets in the main pocket.
  • Two steel hammer loops.

7: Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo Belt

best leather tool belts

Comfortability has always been an issue that peeps into our minds at the time of buying a belt. You should no wonder that you are going to feel cooler even on a hot day with one of these best leather tool belts because of its patented air channel design and ultra-breathable foam.

The manufacturer didn’t compromise with the durability and all stress points on this 1250 DuraTek nylon belt are both riveted and bar-tacked. They have designed this belt in a way that you won’t have any issue while putting something into the pouches. There is an interior plastic lining inside the pouches that leaves them a box shape and leads the pouches to stay open.

Features Highlighted:

  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Ultra-breathable material.
  • Rugged and durable pouches.
  • Lightweight.
  • Patented air channel design.

8: McGuire-Nicholas 803-E Leather Tool Rig

best leather tool belts

For those who are in love with black, this belt is going to be very special to them. The belt’s elegant look has been expressed through the coloration of brown and dark. That McGuire-Nicholas has attempted to bring craftsmanship in the belt has been flourished through the design.

The pouches of this tool belt have been made of oil-tanned split leather and these are well-capable of carrying high weight as stitched double times. Another layer of security got added when the ends of the stitches were secured by metal rivets.

A lot of contents and tools can be put inside the pouches as they can be opened wide. It’s always good to hear that the belt offers a higher level of convenience to the wearers. You have space with this belt to use a shoulder strap along it because this item belongs to metal hoops.

A demerit here about the belt that can avert a wearer from buying the one is it needs to be properly broken in prior to wearing it comfortably.

Features Highlighted:

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Great craftsmanship.
  • Gorgeous looking.
  • Made of oil-tanned leather.
  • Availability of provisions for suspenders.
  • Comfortably fit.

9: Custom Leathercraft 21453 Heavy-duty Leather Combo System

best leather tool belts

When there is the talk of top-grain leather, there remain lesser issues to think of durability. Yes, products that come from CLC are of high quality. Availability of handles leads to easily carry things when not worn around the waist. This easily customizable belt leaves way for necessary things installation. Tools can be easily fit inside the pouches because of the presence of professional-specific CLC custom pouches.

You can carry many things inside the tool belt as it has plenty of pockets and storage. There are a total of eighteen pockets including reversed nail pockets and a large one that is used to hold a speed square. That the belt needs a bit of breaking in is taken as its demerit.

Features Highlighted:

  • Made of top-grain cowhide.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Designed with 19 pockets.
  • A three-inch-wide belt increases comfort.
  • Eye-catching craftsmanship.

10: Occidental Leather 5500 Electrician’s Tool Pouch

Occidental Leather finally looked forward to the issue of affordability with this product. Regardless of what sized items, you are carrying, this 5500 Electrician’s Tool Pouch has both main pockets for carrying big tools and also has more than ten smaller pouches for carrying other stuff. The specialty of this tool belt is that it looks tinny but offers large space for pieces of stuff.

This convenient-to-use tool belt has a great structure and ideal for a flashlight and electrical tape. There is no need to worry about its quality and design as it has been made with high-quality material, Occidental leather label. It offers durability to its users.

For sure the tool pouch is going to create a good impression in the mind of workers and it is being offered at a reasonable price. You can put this tool pouch on any side of your hand and it creates a good grip around your body. But it has a demerit which is that this one can be seemed small to some people who have a large body structure.

Features Highlighted:

  • Superior quality leather used.
  • Enough space.
  • Can be used for different purposes.
  • Ideal for both hands.
  • Both big and small items can be easily carried.
  • Convenient to take on both hands.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Leather Tool Belts

Leather remains on the top in your choice when we go for buying a belt. It’s one of the qualities is a leather belt generally comes with cutting-edge styles. Leather belts are all the rage, and manufacturers keep improving styles with time. A leather tool belt is made with good functionality and incredible durability.

You have to pay a handsome amount of money to buy a leather tool belt, whatever the type of your pouch is. It must offer you amazing long-lastingness. This makes the works easy for workers and they can run their jobs all in one piece with it.

While using this tool belt, workers have quick access to their gears. Some expensive belts sometimes put the brakes on buying, but in this review, there is a combination of some expensive and cheap belts.

As workers can put all their pieces of stuff in this pouch, they don’t need to continuously climb and down at the time of being at a great height and needs a tool all of a sudden. But your agony will get increased providing that you buy the wrong kind of belt.

The wrong kind of belt cannot afford to hold more accessories and spill all of these accessories if you move or bend your body. So keep yourself abstain from buying such kinds of belts, and buy a good quality belt even if the price is a somewhat large amount.


Buying Guide

First, you ponder why you are buying a leather tool belt? You will certainly buy it because it affects your work efficiency. It abates the tediousness of workers as they don’t need to climb up and down over and over when a tool becomes necessary.

In order to buy a quality leather tool belt, you need to consider the aspects relating to a quality leather belt.

Quality of Fabrics:

As fabrics, leather is of top-notch priority. The durability is higher when the belt is made of leather. Make sure the pouch comes with finished riveted pockets because unfinished riveting of a defective unit cause hurt to a worker.

Build Quality:

Good build quality is elevated through design, craftsmanship, easy usability, materials, and pouch style. With a good-quality tool belt, you can carry considerable weight with ease. It’s no use buying such a belt that cannot carry such a belt with efficiency.


If there are enough holes in your tool belt, it helps in adjustment to a high extent. But when there aren’t enough holes, it leaves room for extra-puncturing, which abates the quality to some degree. Holes also assist in hanging and flapping unpleasantly. So, buy your belt considering your waist size.

Pockets and Hammer Holder:

A leather tool belt is worthless without pockets and hammer holders. Because these belts are made to ease your work reducing stress and managing your things. It’s good to have pouches in both large and small sizes. Comfort is felt when your tool belt has rounded corner pockets. Small things like screwdrivers can be kept in small pockets.

The hummer holder should be rust-resistant and carry hammers for you when working.

Phone Pockets:

Cell-phone is an always carrying device for a person, so it’s unthinkable that a tool belt will come with all pockets but without a cell phone pocket. But there are many tool belts that come with no phone pockets. So you must check if the belt comes with it.


Suspenders help a belt carry as many tools as possible. But sometimes, the belt gets heavier because of it.

Roller Buckle:

Availability of roller buckle brings extra comfort to the wearer. It helps secure the belt around your waist.

These are the buying guides a buyer can follow at the time of buying a belt. We wrote this section to make sure you are not deceived while buying.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses a leather tool belt?

Generally, working-class people use a leather tool belt, like a construction worker, a carpenter, a handyman, etc.

How to soften a leather tool belt?

You can use moisturizer, natural oil to remove the stiffness of your leather belt.

You can try Otter Wax Leather Oil.

What items to carry in leather tool belts?

Hammer, tape measure, screwdrivers, and similar items.

Is maintaining a leather tool belt difficult?

No, maintenance isn’t that difficult. Moreover, it increases the durability of your belt, and so it is essential for you.

What is the best type of leather for a leather tool belt?

You can try oil-tanned leather.


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