Dominion Starting Strength Leather Weightlifting Belt Review

‘’Dominion starting strength leather weightlifting belt review’’ is a special review made for those who are deadly powerlifters. The necessity of a powerlifting belt is felt by only gym-goers but it can be a time-wasting topic for those who are allergic to powerlifting, and this seems to create no value for them.

Even those who are new to the gym can hardly feel the importance of a dominion starting strength belt or any similar other weightlifting leather belt. However, today’s article has been written centering on heavy-lifters and intermediate to advanced athletes.

Dominion Strength has been doing a really great job since its arrival and it has made a place in the minds of gymnasts through its quality and craftsmanship. Today, we are giving you some starting strength belt recommendations; do you know how they started?

The present position of Dominion is the result of the valiant entrepreneurial partnership of Niki and Blake & Katie. They had a penchant for strength training, and both were CrossFitters. As per their plan, they went to Atlanta Barbell to receive coaching.

When they received equipment from overseas, they realized they could have offered far better quality, and they ran after their mission with this realization, meaning they started manufacturing products themselves.

They had belief in bringing the highest quality in their products and had special plans surrounding shipments. They commenced designing products of different sizes along with high craftsmanship. And thus, their dedication and attempt took them here.

So, no more wasting time, and let’s get into the review section:

01: Dominion Starting Strength Leather Weightlifting Belt

Are you a powerlifter and searching for a reliable leather belt for weightlifting? No worry, we are here to meet your demand. Today, we bring for you this top-grain sole leather that utilizes a single prong seamless buckle.

You can use this belt for all sorts of gym training, like powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Crossfit, and many others. This Dominion Starting Strength Leather Weightlifting Belt provides you with a flexibility of use along with 10MM thickness support.

The pricing of this belt is a little bit expensive, $185, but the quality of this belt really deserves it, and a great job done by the manufacturers. Peeping into the customer review section, we found this leather weightlifting belt highly reviewed.

The dominion strength belt comes in oiled leather color, which has a softer feel and it’s a bit less shiny. But, the mystery behind designing the belt with this color is that this color gives this dominion starting strength belt a moisture-resistant surface.

Key Features:

  • Highly Reliable.
  • Made in USA.
  • Top-grain sole leather.
  • Easy adjustability.
  • Closure type buckle.

02: Dominion Strength Training Leather Weight Lifting Belt

Considering the growing demand for a weightlifting leather belt, we have brought this leather belt for you. It is going to be your partner whenever you do squat, bench press, deadlift, and similar other gym training.

This nicely-designed Dominion Strength Training Leather Weight Lifting Belt that we have incorporated in our ‘’ dominion starting strength leather weightlifting belt review’’ article is due to its reliable build quality, not being so bulky.

Weightlifters have been using this dominion starting strength belt for years and they found its result astonishing. And, the manufacturer guarantees you of replacing if any defect is noticed.

Key Features:

  • Eye-catching black color.
  • Use of leather as a material.
  • Designed for heavy powerlifting.
  • Ensures excellent support while powerlifting.

Do you like Dominion Starting Strength Single Ply Weightlifting Belt? Why?

Wearing a Dominion Starting Strength Single Ply Weightlifting Belt accumulates confidence in a weightlifter to get under the bar. But, how to wear a weight belt is a personal preference. Position your belt with your belly button in the center.

Whatever your wearing approach is, the core objective behind wearing this belt is to increase intra-abdominal pressure by giving your core muscle something to brace against the abdominal wall expands. But, bear one thing in mind you need to have a proper belt to meet your powerlifting need.

Even though this Dominion Starting Strength Single Ply Weightlifting Belt has a very simplistic design, there is hearsay about this belt that it comes with an heirloom quality, which means the product has such a fine caliber that it can be easily handed down from generation to generation.

The general thickness of the top grain sole bend leather is 6.5MM to 7, and by design, the maximum of the belts comes with no stitching or glue integrated. However, some prefer using single-ply belts to multi-ply belts, but it’s up to you what’s your preference and keep in mind there are some major differences between these two variants.

The lightweight and thinness of this belt are highly appreciated because you will find it more flexible during movements. However, there is a complaint about this belt that it is less stretchable, but you should know this one has been designed in a way that it will get better and gain more stretch-ability over time.

The thinness of this powerlifting belt brings about extra flexibility and that’s why this belt has attracted the minds of powerlifters, bodybuilders, and Olympic weightlifters.

Does the thickness of a Dominion starting strength leather weightlifting belt matter?

Generally lifting belts come in a number of designs and each design is different from the other depending on the materials type, level of rigidity, and structure. However, style is a personal preference but things get hazy when the question is about the level of thickness.

We see a regular thickness of 6.5-7MM in Dominion starting strength leather weightlifting belts. But, do you know what the expectation of wearers is? Can companies meet their demand? The answer is- it depends on the material used in the belt.

Weighlifters basically want a weightlifting belt thicker in the back but thinner in the front because it allows them more flexibility. More thickness and width give them more confidence by bracing intensely while powerlifting. The thickness of a powerlifting leather belt is more significant than that of others, like full-grain leather belts. These belts come in a range of sizes like 10MM, 13MM, and even 15MM.

But, you know one thing that people’s expectation varies, like you will find some powerlifters who would like to have a thinner belt.

There is a kind of belt named Dominion Starting Strength Single Ply Weightlifting Belt for which 7MM thickness is considered to be great and it’s the best choice for some gym-goers who practice squatting. But, what if the belt comes with 10MM? To me, 10MM will is the best choice.

I suggest those who have the ability to spend a king’s ransom buy both sizes of belts because both are useful at times. I am saying it because there are some powerlifters who gradually increase their weight level, so when they do deadlifts with low weights may use the 7MM thick belt, and they can take the 10MM belt by the time they use weights in bulk.

Why are powerlifting belts a vital necessity for powerlifters?

Can you tell us why people go to GYM? Your reply must be to keep them fit. What if gym becomes harmful to you? Maybe you are thinking- how? A survey shows that nearly 8 million adults around the world suffer from back pain. YES, if you do powerlifting without wearing a belt, it invites back pain for you, and it takes a chronic form, provided that you continue powerlifting this way.

There are some other facilities a person who uses a weightlifting belt enjoys, that include-

  • When a person takes a heavy load, he can get injured anytime, and it’s a quite likely incident in gyms. A little injury can cause a big scathe on the bone, and sometimes such injuries become a reason/obstacle for a person to leave going to the gym forever. And here is the major role played by a leather powerlifting belt. A person wearing such a belt is less likely to get injured while he is under a heavy load.
  • Secondly, weightlifting belts let you lift more weight. So from this line, it’s obvious that trained athletes badly need such belts as they need to gain more weight.
  • A weightlifting belt makes sure ideal biomechanics while squatting and deadlifting.  As a result, a weightlifter enjoys improved biomechanics. The belt makes it possible by extending the spine and spinal flexion. Research also says that a belt helps breakdown mental plateaus.
  • While powerlifting, wearing a belt can reduce stress on your spine by increasing the intra-abdominal pressure inside you.

Is it mandatory for beginners to wear a powerlifting belt?

No, it’s not mandatory for them. At Gym, we see that beginners are provided with some basic exercises. And they need to continue lifting small weights for at least two months as it gives their body a good shape. They upgrade to taking more weights gradually to bring stability to their body shape. That’s why it’s not mandatory for beginners to wear powerlifting belts.

What are the different types of weightlifting belts?

Bodybuilding belts, powerlifting belts, Velcro belts, and dipping belts are some types of weightlifting belts. And we are quite certain that many of you are already known of the former two types. Contrarily, the latter two types are unknown to many of you.

To let you know about dipping belts, we have to say that this type of belt is useful for gaining chest, triceps, back and improve stamina. On the other hand, synthetic material is used for manufacturing Velcro belts. These belts also provide a minimal amount of intra-abdominal pressure and these belts are not recommended due to low quality.

What types of materials are used in weightlifting belts?

Leather and nylon are widely used materials used for manufacturing weightlifting belts. Both types are used by powerlifters but leather is mostly preferred due to its long-lasting quality. Contrarily, nylon belongs to less quality than leather, but it offers more versatility and is lightweight in nature.

How to use weightlifting belts?

As we know, a person uses a weightlifting belt while carrying out heavy weightlifting practices. So, his intention can be gone astray if he fails to choose the appropriate weightlifting belt. The second necessary thing that a weightlifter should bear in mind is the weightlifting belt that person has already selected should have a uniform width all the way around.

But, weightlifters make a mistake when they wear the belt, which is they wrap the belt around their waist, but they forget to make sure it is placed above their belly button. Always make sure don’t place the belt below the stomach. The last thing is that you have to tie the belt tightly but it should not be so tightened that it puts a bar in the way of breathing.

When to use a weightlifting belt?

A person should have a proper idea of how to lift weight wearing a weightlifting belt. It’s not required for a person to use a weightlifting belt when carrying out lightweight. So, it’s clear that a person should only use a weightlifting belt only when practicing heavy weights or squatting.

But, doctors always forbid those gym-goers to use weightlifting belts who are suffering from high blood pressure, hernia, or any other abdominal diseases. So, don’t let your exercise harm you anyway.

Final Words: The core intention behind writing this dominion starting strength leather weightlifting belt review is to deliver you with some pieces of advice on why you need a powerlifting belt and to recommend you some highly-rated dominion starting strength belts. We always want you to put your life at risk, albeit we are always in favor of keeping fit.

We want you to take appropriate measures that keep you apart from spinal injuries while powerlifting. In this review, we discussed everything in a nutshell and to the point. We hope you will be benefited from the article.

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