How to Cut a Leather Belt | Step by Step Guide

There is a common thing about dress-up, which is- if the dress is shorter than your size, it looks awkward, and on the other hand, if the dress is larger, it looks odd too. And this is no exception in the case of a leather belt. Both larger and smaller in size belts are as useful as tits on a bull. However, it’s a common case that people need to cut their leather belts frequently. So, it’s a frequently asked question from people- how to cut a leather belt?

Roger that, we will answer your questions step by step in the descending manner:


Determining the Excess Size of the Belt

To determine the excess size, firstly, you have to wear the belt around your waist. However, you have to use an inch-tape for measuring the size. This is a very simple step to follow.

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After the process is done, you have to go for the next step.


Unscrew the Buckle

This is the second step you have to follow. For accomplishing this step, you just need a screwdriver. You are required to lay the belt on a flat surface and roll the screwdriver in the direction that helps take the screw upward. Let the screwdriver be rolled until the screw fully comes out.


Detach the Buckle from the Waist Strap

After bringing the screw out, pull the buckle slightly so it is detached from the waist strap. But, make sure no scratch falls on the surface of the buckle. But don’t worry, if so happens because it’s not a big deal. On the other hand, little scratches are less visible on colorful surfaces.


Cut off the Excess Leather

After detachment is done, try to measure the excess leather again to reconfirm. Then use a knife to cut away the excess portion. Run the scissor parallel from one end to the next end so the cutting is not zigzag.


Cut a Hole in the Middle of the Waist Strap

For cutting a hole right in the middle of the waist strap, again you have to use a knife. And do it smoothly so the prong can easily enter through it.

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Insert the Buckle and Screw

In order to insert the buckle, you have to use the screwdriver again. Affix the screw tight so the buckle doesn’t come off abruptly when you are in any place.

Cutting a leather belt is just a piece of cake and you shouldn’t rack up your brain very much for that. It includes some very simple steps. By reading this article, you may already have gotten aware of how to cut a leather belt.


How to Take Care of a Leather Belt?

  • First of all, make sure the belt you are going to purchase is your size.
  • Secondly, you have to use conditioners because it keeps your belt away from drying and dirt. You should go for air-dry after applying the conditioner.
  • You know that water is the enemy of leather so make sure they don’t get in contact. If so happens, you can use heat sources or air-dry for drying the leather belt as early as possible.
  • Hang your belt in an open area at a normal temperature. And clean your belt at regular intervals, and for cleaning it, you can use a lukewarm damp cloth.
  • Go for such a brand that offers you a lifetime warranty.

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There are a number of items that are made of leather. Generally, leather-made items are durable but expensive too. Many people don’t afford to spend money at regular intervals for buying expensive items. So, to increase the longevity of any expensive leather item, it needs adulation.

However, ‘’how to cut a leather belt?’’- has been a longstanding question among the wearers. That’s why we wrote this blog for your sake. We hope you will be benefited from this.

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