How to Identify a Real Leather Belt?

A man’s attire is incomplete without a belt, which is most commonly made of leather. Fashion-forward people always go for eye-popping designs, but quality-cautious people always consider the material used for manufacturing a belt. So, it’s a common question from purchasers- how to identify a real leather belt?

The question arises because there are some synthetic leather-made belts in the market that take after genuine leathers. As a result, it becomes tough to identify real leather.

We are pointing out some clues through which you can identify real leather-

  • Real leathers have a rich, elegant finish which you can feel by running your palm on them. Contrarily, you will find this elegant finish absent in synthetic leather.
  • Scratches, creases, and wrinkles may appear on real leathers over time.
  • Real leather has a quick water-absorption ability, which is quite unlikely for artificial leather.
  • Genuine leather has a smell of its own but artificial leather doesn’t have this smell.
  • The next thing is ‘’patina’’. If you have been using a full-grain leather belt, you might have noticed this type of leather develops a patina over time. However, you won’t notice it in cheap quality leathers.
  • Even though real leather is rugged, it is soft. It’s completely a distinguishing feature of real-leather belts that they feel soft, grainy, warm, and flexible.
  • The final thing is that real leather will offer you high durability. This is the exceptional reason for which maximum wearers prefer a belt made of real leather.

Our Suggestion

We know that there are various kinds of people with different mindsets. Some of them prefer buying things on a small budget whereas some others like to spend more money to get the highest quality of things.

However, we always recommend buyers get the highest quality leather belts. We know it will cost you more and you have to spend more to get the best item. But definitely, you should follow your culture for buying a product; for example, if you are a USA citizen, you can go for the best leather belts made in the USA.

We never recommend you change your mind, and also, we don’t want you to be deceived by buying a product. High-quality leather belts not only have a shiny look but also have long durability.

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