Leather vs Nylon Lifting Belt | Which You Should Take?

‘’Leather VS Nylon lifting belt’’- which one is the best one for me is a long-standing confusion among the gym-goers, especially those who do powerlifting or deadlifts. The practice of wearing a weightlifting belt isn’t something new because this belt helps a weight-lifter by reducing the stress on the lower back by compressing the contents of the abdominal cavity.

Nylon lifting belts and leather lifting belts are two widely used variants of weightlifting belts. Different manufacturers manufacture these belts with different material blends like foam inserts, mixing clothes, and different buckle types.

We adorned this article not only with the discussion regarding differences between leather and nylon lifting belts but also we brought some best leather and nylon lifting belts for you, according to the remarks of users.

So, without extending our talks in this regard, let’s get into the main area of this article.

Basic Differences between Nylon and Leather Belts

A belt is unimaginable without a buckle, which is used to fasten belts. A buckle usually comes with different types of decorative styles, like carved styled, covered with fabric, and sometimes inlaid with rhinestones. However, it’s your choice which one to pick.

As the buckle is the core part of a belt, let’s start with the difference between the buckle of leather and nylon leather belts.

Leather belts buckle: Generally, a buckle is durable in nature as stainless steel or metal are highly preferred for manufacturing buckles. Buckle comes in three variants including single-prong, double-prong, and levers.

With lever buckles, you have the advantage that you can tailor the belt to your torso for a better fitting. But, considering the factor of durability, single, double, and triple buckles come first because their shapes remain unchanged over time as made of metals.

Nylon lifting Belts Buckle: Unlike the leather belt where the strap is made out of leather, a nylon belt’s strap is made out of nylon which sometimes comes in congregation with a cloth. Talking about the buckle, it is also made of stainless steel.

You have nylon belts available in different widths and with different sizes of straps, so pick one according to your choice. Rigidity is the inherent feature of some nylon belts. Most of the time nylon belts come with no pre-made holes, and in such cases, the user needs to dig a hole using materials.

Build quality of a leather lifting belt: If you ask me to name highest quality leather belt, I must answer full grain leather belt. In addition to this, there are also other types of leather belts, including genuine leather belts, calfskin leather belts, etc.

Usually, a leather belt is well-structured with sturdy stitching for which a leather-made belt is highly preferred. A better construction quality keeps a leather belt ahead. The extra level of thickness of a leather belt provides more rigidity for the torso. Multiple layers of finished leather are stitched up to give a leather belt a better construction quality.

Build quality of a nylon belt: To answer briefly, a nylon belt’s build quality is far behind than that of a leather belt. But, it doesn’t mean the worst because nylon-made belts are also seen surviving for years.

Generally, a nylon belt is comparatively thinner and more flexible than a leather belt.

Use-case of leather lifting belts: To be more specific, a leather lifting belt stabilizes your trunk and supports your spine to deduct the risk of injury when you are weightlifting. The durability and extra level of comfort help a wearer in the proper alignment of loads by reducing spinal loads.

Therefore, we suggest you buy the leather lifting belt considering the fitting issue, cost, construction, and manufacturer’s guarantee.

Use-case of Nylon lifting belts: you will find the nylon weightlifting belts available in cone designs. These kinds of nylon belts are congenial for weightlifting, recreational lifting and other workouts. Versatility, light-weight, and comfortability are some of the qualities of nylon lifting belts.

Some reviews of leather and nylon lifting belts are as follows:

01: Starting Strength Weight Lifting Belt

This USA-made leather weight lifting belt is made of top-grain sole leather and is flourished with high-quality craftsmanship.

It can be one of the best choices for you, provided that you are looking for an ideal leather belt for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and Crossfit. This one is here to help you by reducing the weight on your spine.

The belt is not still, albeit its thickness is 10MM. It is made to last long and is available in only one color variant, oiled leather.

02: RDX Weight Lifting Belt

Are you searching for the best leather lifting belt? Then, it’s our choice for you because you can comfortably fasten the belt around your waist. The manufacturer guarantees you against cracks, splits, and tears.

You will have a cozy feel when you grip the belt as it comes with suede lining, which acts as a cushioned pad. But, it is to let you know with profound sadness that the belt is available in only one color variant, brown.

If you are a workoutaholic, then this compact leather lifting belt is for you and the compactness comes with resilient stitching. You can take any pose wearing the belt as it provides flexibility.

03: Harbinger 4-Inch Nylon Weightlifting Belt

A weightlifting belt is badly essential for you provided that you do powerlifting or deadlifts. No worry if you are a powerlifter, this nylon weightlifting belt is going to keep you in the correct position and also can help you in maintaining abdominal pressure to stabilize the spine amid heavy weightlifting.

This four-inch-wide weightlifting belt comes with parallel lines of 346 count nylon stitching. The belt comes with a heavy gauge steel rollerbuckle that makes this process easier both for tightening and un-tightening your strap.

Even though it’s not a rogue nylon lifting belt, it is durable and thick. This one ensures maintaining your muscle and so it makes sure your comfort when worn. This nylon lifting belt is available in only one color variant, black.

04: Rogue Fitness 5″ Nylon Weightlifting Belt

We found that a number of powerlifters have a great appetite for rogue nylon lifting belt as that’s why we included this piece in this review. Rogue Fitness has made a space in the minds of users by delivering them with the best quality and this manufacturer has been out there since 2006.

This rogue nylon leather belt has received a bunch of positive remarks from users and because of that it became a highly recommended weightlifting belt over the past few years.

This versatile weightlifting belt ensures your comfort when you do back squat, deadlift, and other similar exercises by keeping your physical stability.

The blackish belt comes with a buckle, hook and loop type closure system, which is a stereotype system. With a steel tensioning buckle, it makes sure a secure fit.

05: Powerlifting Belt with Lever Buckle

With time going up, users are becoming savvy and searching for newer innovations. There is a growing demand for lever lifting belts among gym-goers.

The specialty of a lever lifting belt is that the belt is equipped with a rigid level of support, and due to the presence of this support system, the belt can give maximum support to the areas of avid athletes that need it most.

As per the remarks of users, tightening a lever belt around your waist is far better than tightening a prong belt. You can set the easily around your waist, and it’s the best option considering the easiness of use.

Suede was used to manufacture the belt as a material, and this belt comes with a 1-year warranty that must increase your trust level in the belt.

Is A Nylon Weightlifting Belt Good?

 Do you have any doubt about it? Those who are gym-goers, sportsmen, and Olympic weightlifters can realize the importance of weightling belts. While weightlifting, it’s hard to keep your body position in the right place and a weightlifting belt helps maintain the stability of your body at that time.

The role of leather belts in this regard is worth mentioning because they accelerate the transmission of force around your core and provides a more solid surface to press against.

What Material Is Best for Weight Lifting Belt?

If you are a heavy-lifter, you must go for a leather belt. But, you can go for a nylon belt, provided that you are not so. However, leather and nylon are widely used materials by brands for manufacturing weightlifting belts. Both materials are durable and pose the capability of providing an extra level of support. Some belts come with buckles, and others come with a lever belt closure system, but both are popular among users, according to respective perspectives.

Conclusion: This ‘’leather vs nylon lifting belt’’ has been written to let you be aware of the basic differences between these two widely used belts. We tried to make you understand the basic differences between these two belts so that you can make an accurate buying decision.

Considering the comfort-ability issue, both play an equal role, and there is a round of talks when it comes to the topic of durability. Definitely, leather belts are much ahead considering the long-lasting issue, but you know, you have to cost an arm and leg to buy a leather belt.

However, nylon leather belts are also at the peak of popularity and it is suggestible, especially, for those who would like to purchase a good quality belt within a small budget.

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