Occidental Leather Tool Belt Reviews

Back in the day, thinking of a leather tool belt was beyond imagination. But, owing to the advancement of technology this thinking is no longer a barrier now rather it’s a reality. However, we worked against the clock to prepare this occidental leather tool belt reviews for you. Finally, we made it.

In our day-to-day life, we are so busy that we don’t have sufficient time to think of the situation of laborers. How can we be so selfish? They are decaying their bones working for the sake of us in exchange for a little pay. However, this is a little attempt to help them unburden their works to some extent, providing them with some branded occidental leather tool belts.

How These Occidental Leather Tool Belts Will Help Them Are Below:

  • Workers can organize their tools in these ‘’tool belts with suspenders’’ and thus they can reduce the burden of their work to some extent.
  • This little reduction in their toil will improve their work efficiency.
  • They don’t need to go up and down from their workplace so frequently.
  • Save their valuable time.
  • As there are different pockets in those tools belts for different types of tools, they can easily find them when working.

01: Occidental Leather 8089 M OxyLights

occidental leather tool belt reviews

If you are here in quest of an occidental leather tool belt, we can say this ‘’Occidental Leather 8089 M OxyLights 7 Bag Framer Set’’ belt is up to snuff. But, you have come to the wrong place providing that you are a fashion-forward person. Indeed, a leather tool belt is not for fashion.

What is the size of this occidental leather tool belt?

  • Apparently, this tool belt seems to be of high weight. But, it is not exactly. The weight of this work belt is only 4.08 pounds and it is medium in size. But, the manufacturer assures you of easy adjustment. Generally, workers are highly worried about carrying tools while working. From the name, you must have already come to know that this leather tool pouch is an offering from Occidental, which proudly handcrafts in the USA.
  • This tooling leather belt has been designed in a way that it keeps all your tools in one place.
  • You can segregate your tools in different pouches according to their sizes and shapes as this best tool belt comes with a number of pouches.

What’s specialty about the occidental leather belt?

As a tool belt carries many tools altogether, it can cause your pant to fall low, which carries shame to you. But this leather tool pouch for carpenters guarantees you against such an issue.

  • Long-lasting.
  • Convenient to carry.
  • Carrying many tools.
  • Made from premium material.
  • Feel comfortable while working.
  • Apparently seems bulk, but not actually.
  • Not special for large tool belt seekers.

02: Occidental Leather 9850

occidental leather tool belt reviews

As you know, laborers and other workers need to keep their nose to the grindstone when working. So, a leather tool belt lowers their toil level to some extent, carrying their tooling, leading them not to step to and fro in search of tools.

What is this occidental leather 9850 made of?

Yes, this belt is made of Nylon/leather. The belt is available in only one color variant, which is black, and the manufacture of this belt was done in the US.

Among other qualities, some notable are

  • This construction belt incorporates a total of 24 pockets and tool holders. So, for those who are dead on professional tool belts, this one is ideal for them.
  • It helps grow working rhythm in you.

Are you worried about suspension systems of this leather tool belt?

Don’t worry; this occidental leather tool belt comes with pre-installed D Rings. Don’t you know what a suspension system is? Don’t feel shy please; we are making it clear to you. If a belt comes with a suspense system, it means the belt allows you to work more comfortably, by taking the weight off your lower back and hips.

Even though the belt is a little expensive, it comes with high durability. A tool belt should not be fashionable but comfortable, which the belt ensures.

  • Made of Nylon/leather.
  • Only black color variant available.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Bags are 10’’ deep.
  • Comes with suspension system.
  • Expensive.
  • Not for those who prefer other colors except the black one.

03: Occidental Leather 5009 Work Suspenders

occidental leather wok suspenders

Tool belt suspenders help distribute the total weight throughout your body and they are hooked up on to your belt. This occidental leather 5009 is a tool belt with suspenders.

Is this leather tool belt with suspender durable?

Yes, though this one is made of 100% leather, there should not be any doubt about its durability. The company also promises about its comfort.

Other mentionable features:

  • Comes with rich craftsmanship.
  • Its Intuitive design must impress you.

The manufacturer kept no space to complain about the suspender’s adjustment issue. This carpenter’s tool belt suspender has thick leather straps, and it is easy to on and off. The company assured of comforts and the manufacturing of this suspender was done in the USA.

  • The suspender has large shoulder pads clung to heavy-duty spring clips.
  • Easy snap on and off.
  • Having leather loops.
  • Dark brown color variant.
  • 100% leather.
  • Only one color variant available.

04: Occidental Leather 8582 FatLip Tool Bag

Occidental Leather 8582 FatLip Tool Bag

This occidental leather 8582 fatlip tool bag is here to quench the demand of production carpenters. However, they always prefer a Unique designed tool bag, so is it.

Upon looking at the mouth, you will see it wide open and can hold items of the dimension of 14.1 x 9.3 x 7.7 inches. Coming to the weight, I have to say that this occidental tool belt weighs 1.95 pounds.

How many pockets are there in this tool belt?

  • Well, apparently this husky tool belt can look small, but the thing is not like this. This belt has a total of 13 pockets that can carry a number of items.

Is buying this tool belt secure?

  • To start with, this best leather tool belt is manufactured by Occidental leather, which has been in place since 1980. And so, we can trust this brand. Secondly, this leather tool belt is made of leather. Lastly, this one is protected against abrasion. Consequently, we think buying this tool belt is secure.

Is this tool belt comfortable for carpenters?

  • For the carpenters, this leather carpenter tool belt is tip-top. But, it is comparatively less comfortable for those who work in roofing because they need to bend a lot.

What material was used to manufacture the belt?

  • In manufacturing this occidental tool belt, heavy-duty nylon with a leather reinforced bottom was used.
  • Not too weighty.
  • 13 pockets.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Reasonable price.
  • This tool belt is not available in left hand model.

05: Occidental Leather 8062 4 Bag

Occidental Leather 8062 4 Bag

This is a made-in-USA tool belt, which is available in two color variants, including brown and green. One of these carpenters’ pouches is made of a combination of nylon and leather, so this tool belt is lightweight and flexible.

The company says that they manufactured this OxyLights fastener belt for framing and general carpentry applications.

We prefer you to get the green one as it looks cool, but the choice is yours, it’s just a preference. The company never comprises with the design and durability issue as always.

Other features of this belt are

  • This tool belt comes with a limited warranty, warranty isn’t big deal because you can trust Occidental leather brand.
  • The item weighs 1.42 pounds.
  • The right hand size is available only.
  • There is a slot in between the first and second pocket of this tool belt.

  • Lather as a material.
  • Not too weighty.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Available in only two color variants.
  • No special for left-handers.

06: Occidental Leather 1546 Stronghold Lights

Occidental Leather 1546 Stronghold Lights

Can you replace the diligence with something else? You may be thinking money can replace diligence. It’s a No. However, we know that workers and laborers work their fingers to the bone. What we can do for them is offer something to them that can make their sophisticated task easier. And it’s just our little attempt.

Today, we brought occidental leather 1546 stronghold lights to reduce their work burden to some extent.

By nature, this tooling leather belt is ultra-light. Besides, it is made of a blend of Nylon and leather. As we said having a suspension kit is an extra advantage, this occidental tool belt comes with it.

Is this tool belt easy to adjust?

Yes, the guarantees on this leather belt’s comfort and adjustability. This electrician-tool belt has been designed in a way that helps in weight distribution. Among other facilities, the leather belt includes a leather loop attachment system and heavy-duty spring clips snap on and off.

Is this belt weighty?

Not at all. This occidental leather tool belt weighs only 1.28 pounds. It comes with a limited warranty, but it’s not a big deal because occidental leather is a proven brand for manufacturing tool belts.

  • This belt helps in reducing burden by proper weight distribution.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Having heavy duty spring clip.
  • Made of the combination of nylon and leather.
  • Ultra-light in nature.
  • Not for those who prefer a costly belt.
  • Comes with limited warranty.

07: Occidental Leather 5035 XXL H.D. 3-inch Ranger Work Belt

Occidental Leather 5035 XXL H.D. 3-inch Ranger Work Belt

This is the last addition to our occidental leather tool belt reviews. However, this work belt is different from the others reviewed above.

This leather work belt is designed with a 2-inch wide heavy leather tongue, which is known as prong fits through the buckle to secure the material at a pre-set length, and nickel-plated steel roller buckle.

With a length of 57.5 inches, this belt fits waists ranging from 45’’ to 49’’. This occidental work belt includes the highest quality 12-14 ounce bridle leather for extra support.

This ranger work belt has been bolstered with edge stitching, appearance, and length. The company didn’t compromise with the durability and craftsmanship.

  • 2 pounds weight.
  • Available in multicolor.
  • Value for money.
  • Thick leather.
  • Single hole makes it easy to buckle.
  • Little bit expensive.

Tool Belt Durability, Fit and Finish

Durability is a quality that is connected and dependent on too many other things. For example- comfort level, stitching thickness and quality, material, easy-to-adjust buckle, seams and rivets, However, while preparing this ‘’ occidental leather tool belt reviews’’, we considered every single aspect. Even then, we recommend you to check side by side before buying.

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Why Do Carpenters Prefer Leather Tool Belts?

Generally, a carpenter needs to carry a number of things with him, including a hammer, tape measure, Chalk line, Carpenter’s Pencil, Utility knife, and many more. Carrying all these tools by his hand is impossible. And so, a carpenter uses tools belts to carry these tools effectively.

We considered both the matter of style and gorgeous outlook while writing this review. In our review, there are some tools belts that come with suspenders and we recommend you to purchase those belts because these occidental leather belts will unburden them of their loads to some extent.

To learn more about leather tool belt types, fit, and quality, you can check this link.

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