What is PU Leather?

From the very earliest days of civilization, we have been using leather in various ways but if I ask you ‘’name some types of leathers’’ then most of the cases you are failure to answer. So, we are going to introduce you with one type of leather namely PU Leather.

Basically, PU leather is synthetic leather made with split leather anointed with polyurethane and this type of leather is basically applied to the surface of the furniture. There are really some spectacular differences between real leather and PU leather but in majority of cases it’s hard to identify. In the case of daily wearing products, PU leather is not up to the mark at all.

You can identify PU leather considering bicast leather, split leather, reconstituted leather, bonded leather, corrected grain leather and PU leather that are basically labeled.

There are some other issues through which you can identify the leather type that are:

  • If the smell comes from the item like plastic or chemicals or you will be able to smell the adhesive right way.
  • PU leather loses its comfort ability softness over time unlike genuine leather.
  • Unlike genuine leather, it’s comparatively cheaper.
  • At first glance, you can catch the leather to be fake.


  • Less durable and lacking in sustainability,
  • PU leather, also known as polyurethane leather, takes time to be dried out.
  • It is completely synthetic,
  • Less water absorption quality and easy cleaning,
  • The cost is comparatively lower compared to genuine leather.


  • It smells like chemicals or plastic,
  • It gets cracked easily due to lacking of sustainability and durability,
  • Puncturing and tearing are easy with PU leather,
  • Lacking of glossiness makes it less fashionable.
  • It can be made with simple raw materials.

Through looking at the tag a person can easily identify PU leather while buying furniture. Easier costing will confirm you of PU leather are another way to identify. Smell like a plastic or chemicals is another symptom to identify PU leather. By checking water absorption quality it also can be recognized easily. So, these are the criteria to identify PU leather easily.

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