What is Top Grain Leather? Know How of This Leather

People are very much acquainted with the word leather which is of different types including top-grain leather and why not it is? A huge number of products come from leather. Although the source of collecting leather is common which is from animal hides whatever depending on the manufacturing process, quality and where it is got leather is of different types including top-grain, split-grain, and bonded leather. Through reading the article you can have a good idea of what is top grain leather and related issues.

People who don’t have sufficient knowledge over types of leather, they usually get puzzled while buying a leather product over what kind of leather product he should purchase. So to deduct your confusion today we will discuss over top-grain leather.

Top-grain leather has been made from the top or outermost layer of cowhide. Several quality products are made from top-grain leather. Today’s talk is all about top-grain leather, its manufacturing process, merits and demerits, and its uses.


Manufacture Process of Top-Grain Leather

Top-grain leather, which comes after full-grain leather, is thinner always finer because it is made by removing the outermost layer of animal hide through sanding and buffing. According to price value, top-grain leather also comes after full-grain leather. It removes all upside defects of leather to make it smoother.


Attributes of The Leather

Top grain leather comes to the final stage passing hardcore processing. The Leather takes a consistent pattern and color after defects and the outermost layers of the hide are removed through processing whereas the outermost layer of the hide has natural fiber.

But because of the processing of top-grain leather, it loses some attributes including body-oil absorption capability, breathability, and other qualities that are contrary to that available in full-grain leathers.



Top-grain leather is soft and belongs to the all-natural character. Some of these kinds of leather are chemically treated or textured for a more uniform appearance. This leather remains imprinted with imitation grain as it appears to the last stage through sanding and buffing. Sometimes you will find the leather akin to that of alligator skin, ostrich, and others.


What Products Come from Leather?

Actually many products are made by using top-grain leather especially light products like wallets, briefcases, satchels, handbags, purses, key chains, and many more. Light items are made because we know that top-grain leather is not that sturdy as full-grain leather and the leather is flexible has a consistent appearance.

As top-grain leather is softer and not that solid, it is used in easy works. This kind of leather should be used with great care as this lacks durability. Even then this kind of leather has a wide variety of use.


How to Take Care of Top Grain Leather?

Top Grain Leather is comparatively softer and very much sensitive so the leather can be used for a longer period of time throughout proper maintenance. This type of leather can get easily torn in contact with water so it should be kept aloof from water and in case any water found on this leather, the water should be as soon as possible wiped off.

If you use any product made of top grain leather, then you should be careful of this product. Because on the off chance you wash your product then keep it in a dry and cool place to make it dry. But if you use any dry machine to over-dry the leather product then it can result in cracking so better let it dry naturally keeping in a dry and cool place.

As we know, plastic covers give birth to molds so you better not use plastic covers to keep the leather product in. Use high-quality leather soap to wash your leather product indeed. Unfortunately, if you see any mold to be growing on your leather then clean it off with a soft cloth indeed. Before doing so, assort both water and isopropyl alcohol in equal proportion then soak the cloth in this mixture and then run the cloth on the leather to clean the mold.


Merits and Demerits of Top Grain Leather

Nothing in the world is perfect so things that have advantages have disadvantages too. Top-Grain leather comes after full-grain leather so it has also both of them. In the following two passages we are defining the advantages and disadvantages of this type of leather:

Merits: There are many people who don’t have the capability of buying a full-grain leather product, to them top-grain leather is almost perfect because of being less expensive. It is easy to maintain and work with top-grain leather products. This type of leather comes to the final stage through hardcore processing so it is given a consistent finish indeed. The leather can be given a beautiful shape which is akin to others because of its flexibility.

Demerits: As top-grain leather comes through hardcore processing like buffing and sanding, the leather loses its durability indeed. This leather is very much prone to cracking and breaking. The leather lacks breathability and doesn’t develop a patina. The leather is devoid of oil-absorption ability from the wearer’s body. And these are the reasons; Full-Grain Leather gets the first priority before top-grain leather. The leather is hot in the hot season and cold in the cold season and so users are not always comfortable with this leather.


The Distinction between Top-Grain Leather and Genuine Leather

The position of genuine leather, also known as split leather, is at the lowest quality which is made out of real leather. Genuine leather is originated from intermediate leathers between suede and top grain.  Genuine leather poses less durability but it looks as nice as higher-quality leather. This type of leather is acceptable while you are buying something at a cheaper rate.

On the other hand, top-grain leather is most suitable for furniture. Top grain leather is made by removing the outermost layer of the animal hide through buffing and sanding. Then the leather is given imitation grain to give it a much uniform look. The position of Top-Grain leather is right after Full-Grain leather.


The Durability of Top-Grain Leather

Previously we told that top-grain leather is prone to water and it gets scratched and cracked easily but proper maintenance to this leather can give it a long life of up to ten years. If you make comparisons with fabric then you will find leather much more durable, strong, and easy to clean indeed. Top-grain leather is sturdier than that of genuine leather so it is a little bit expensive.  Top-grain leather is way better than fabric and taking care of it is easy.


Does Top-Grain Leather Excoriate?

First of all, top-grain leather is scratch-resistant. Actually, no leather by itself doesn’t crack or excoriate under normal conditions. But if anything is applied on its surface, then the leather can probably excoriate. Because of sturdiness, top-grain leather is more preferable for belts, shoes, wallets, and other light products. This leather can be fixed in case it is excoriated. When top grain leather is pigmented, it maintains an even tone with no patina. Comparatively full-grain leather is free of such issues and that is why the position of top-grain leather comes after that.


How much Durable Top-Grain Leather is for Sofas?

As top-grain leather is best for top coating and it is resistant to strain, this leather is much compatible with sofas. For making high-quality furniture, top-grain leather is more preferable indeed. Top-grain leather is long-lasting and it sometimes offers longevity of up to ten years providing that if you take care of it in the proper way.  This leather type posse some qualities like durability, nice outlook, and strong and to the pet owners and parents this leather is an ideal material. So, in the end, it can be easily said that top-grain leather is best for furniture like sofas.


Maintenance of Top-Grain Leather

Everything requires maintenance for offering longevity so does top-grain leather. But maintenance way differs from product to product. The ways through which you can take care of top-grain leather are as follows:

  • Sometimes molds grow on your leather product because of wrapping it with plastic covers and for some other reasons too; in case it happens then make an assortment of water and isopropyl alcohol and then soak a soft cloth into it and then wipe off the mold from the surface of the leather.
  • If your leather product gets filthy then wash it and after washing it keep it in a cool and dry place to dry up. Make sure your leather product is not wrapped with a plastic cover.
  • You should have a clean cloth and high-quality leather conditioner to prevent your leather product from cracking or drying out and it is the most effective mean of maintenance.
  • Whenever you wipe your leather, keep it in a cool and dry place so that it naturally gets dried up. If you discover any spills on your leather then without making delay just wipe it off using a soft cloth and make sure it is free of damage.
  • Use a nubuck cleaning cloth and high-quality leather soap to clean your leather product. While using the soap on the surface of the leather just make sure the soap leaves no residue which is detrimental to leather.


Epilogue: We tried our best to lift up all the necessary things about top-grain leather and briefly describe these issues. We described how top-grain leather comes to the final stage passing through sanding and buffing and we also learned that this type of leather is more preferable for furniture. For making luxurious and premium goods, top-grain leathers are basically highly used.

However, besides all these advantages yet the position of full grain leather is up to top-grain leather. But top grain leather is easy to be cleaned, durable, and offers good longevity. To the sybarite people who love to buy things that give a beautiful and artistic outlook, products with top-grain leather are much more preferable.


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