Who Makes The Best Leather Belts?

We always wrap a belt around our waist, and you will barely find a man without wearing a belt. Even though – who makes the best leather belts? – is a frequently asked question, there are few writings on this topic.

A belt not only increases the elegance of your wardrobe but also provides a man with a great outfit that grabs the eyeballs of others. Not only a sybarite person but also general people want to have a branded leather belt.

In this article, we named the top belt manufacturers in a queue. If you prefer to buy a top-notch branded leather belt, you can buy belts from these top-rated brands. So, without wasting time, let’s get into the main talks. 

1: Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is a renowned Italian brand that has been in place since 1898. While defining the brand in a nutshell, just two phrases appear in mind, which are rich craftsmanship and innovative design.

The brand proved several times that they are true to words by offering the best-in-quality design and magnificent styles. Whether it is formal attire or informal attire, belts create a high degree of impression, and Salvatore Ferragamo knows it well.

Maybe, you can understand how special the brand is as we have enlisted it in the first position. This manufacturer brings the top-level of aesthetics in bloom.

You shouldn’t wait if you are looking for a luxurious belt because the brand respects your demand and makes their leather belts according to the standard.

2: Columbia

The brand started its journey in 1938, and it has been standing for quality, fashion, innovation, and value. When you are buying the best leather belt from Columbia, you may remain tension-free about quality and durability.

Columbia not only manufactures belts but also other outdoor apparel including jackets, footwear, etc.

The brand is highly reviewed and recommended by customers who used its products. So, you can keep the Columbia brand in your consideration because of their design and fashion.

Wearing their belts, you can comfortably hike, run, portage, and ride bikes. They make their leather products shiny and offer in different color variants.

Recommended belts from this brand:

1: Columbia Men’s Classic Logo Belt

This Columbian belt is made of a blend of elastane, acetate, and polyurethane, which left it an all-the-rage outlook.  This one is available in a number of color variants so purchase the one that looks eye-catching to you. As the belt is made of stretch belt material, it will be well-fitting as the manufacturer promised. Some customers even think of the belt that it will pass down to their children and grandchildren. However, such a comment provided us with an idea of how durable this Columbian leather belt is.

2: Columbia Men’s Braided Belt

You will barely find a person who doesn’t want to get dressed in his best bib and tucker. Yes, if you really want this, then try to fulfill your attire with a branded leather belt along with other clothing.

It’s a Columbian leather belt that we added to our list because of its brand value, outlook, and quality. The braided design has taken this leather belt to another horizon.

Even though it is not preferable for your formal attire, it is tip-top for informal wear. It comes with a hand wash and belt closure design.

The beauty of this belt is in bloom because of its leather and polyester combination and harness buckle with a gunmetal finish. 

3: Timberland

Timberland, an American manufacturer and retailer of outdoors, is a renowned brand for leather belt manufacturing. The manufacturer focuses on aesthetics owing to which belts of this manufacturer are preferred by celebrities. 

The company started its journey in 1952. Innovation, efficiency, high technology, and hard work have brought the company to this position.

Indeed, they are not confined to manufacturing shoes rather they also manufacture shoes, jackets, T-shirts, and other apparel.

Timberland manufactures belts of both formal and informal types, and thus they quench the demand of their consumers. Some of their products come with a blend of materials like polyester and leather, whereas some others are made of 100% leather. And the company is not miser about guarantee, which you can feel seeing some of their products come with a lifetime warranty.

Recommended belt from this brand-

1: Timberland Men’s Casual Leather Belt

This is a belt made of 100% leather, and it is available in a variety of color variants, including black, brown, blue, and wheat. However, we recommend you take the brown one.

This leather belt goes perfect with jeans and offers you a great outlook. It provides you with a soft and smooth feel as it is genuine leather. Whether you are purchasing this one for the formal or informal use case, it is perfect for both.

People’s waist ranging from 32 to 56 will have the belt available, but misfortune for those who are beyond this waist size.

However, bear in mind order at least 1 size larger than your actual waist size because it gives you a great fitting. Durability is the truth to tell about this belt.

4: Dickies

This is almost a 100-year-old company that makes apparel. During the following years, the company had its name inscribed in the mind of consumers, with its eye-popping design and high quality.

The company manufactures affordable best leather belts along with others. And, you will hardly find a person who hasn’t heard the name of Dickies brand.

Blooming unique styles in products added an extra layer of value to the brand. The level of aesthetics in the products manufactured by the company will satisfy your masculine personality. They bring forth belts of different colors so that you can extend your choice. 

They are highly concerned about the durability of their products, which you can realize seeing a majority of their belts come with double-prong closures, sewn-in metal plates, and an extra layer of leather. Don’t worry about sizes because they manufacture belts of different sizes.

Some recommended belts from this brand:

1: Dickies Men’s Casual Leather Belt

If you are looking for a truly formal belt, this one is a special one for you. We won’t say the outlook of this belt will satisfy you; nevertheless, if you want to get a belt within your budget then, this one can be a perfect choice for you.

One of these dress belts comes with a naïve design and is available in a number of color variants. You can wash the belt with your hands. As like as others reviewed above, this dress belt also comes with a belt-closure system.

2: Dickies Men’s No-Scratch Leather Mechanic Belt

This is a nice-looking belt made of a combination of polyurethane, split leather, and bonded leather. However, if you ask me, what are things that alienated this belt from others. I must answer you:

  • The metal plate is sewn into the belt strap.
  • The invisibility of metal.
  • Unique design.

You can understand that Dickies is a fashion-forward brand just seeing this belt. Whether it is formal wear or informal, this belt will very much be likely to suit you. The belt became so eye-catching because of its craftiness.

5: Mio Marino

We can name Mio Marino as a fashion-forward brand, which manufactures premium quality leather belts. They are famous for making trendy belts that go well with suits.

They make the adaptability factor in bloom, meaning their belts easily adjust with different types of pants.

Mio Marino is not only confined to manufacturing belts but they also manufacture other apparel like shoes, gloves, watches, and umbrellas. They make products in different price segments to make the products purchasable by consumers of different classes.

To talk about durability, I have to say that you will barely find a product that doesn’t go through the stage of wear and tear. However, Mio Marino highly focuses on durability so that their customers don’t turn their face-off them.

6: MCM

Starting from 1976 to date, MCM has been manufacturing all luxury goods for us. Basically, the company is famed worldwide for its ostentatious and flashy products.

The company focuses all the time on the stylishness of clothing that they manufacture. They always try to manufacture their products with quality on par with their competitors.

Among their manufactured products, leather belts are one, which is made in different color variants both for casual and formal use cases. Their reversible leather belts are of unique designs and solid colors.

Tips for Buying a Belt

Consumers usually get bemused about what things to check before buying a belt to take the right decision. So, we are discussing some major factors below in the form of 6 different points that need to be checked before buying a belt:

Look at the buckle

There are different varieties of buckles, including roller buckle, autogrip buckle, double pin buckle, and many more. However, the exact type of buckle that you should pick depends on the purpose like whether you will wear it with your formal attire or casual attire. Generally, a sleek and single pin buckle is preferred for a formal use case. But, any of the buckle types can be chosen for casual wear.

Determine the length of the belt

The length of a belt is an important factor because a high length can hardly enter through the loops of a pant. So, one should select a medium length of the belt.

Width of a belt

How much width is better for a wearer? To answer this question, firstly, you have to determine why you will purchase this belt.

Formal attire requires a thinner belt, and on the other hand, casual use case requires a wider belt. A belt sizing up to 1.5’’ inch is known as a wider one, and definitely, when the strap is lesser than 1.5’’ inch, it is known as a thinner belt.


Considering what materials were used in manufacturing a particular belt is the crux of the matter. To name a few- leather, natural fibers, made-made fibers are generally used for manufacturing a belt.

Whether it is for casual or formal attire, leather remains at the peak of the hierarchy of materials. Leather is of three types, including full-grain leather, top-grain leather and genuine leather. Then comes the name of natural fiber and natural fiber-made belts are affordable alongside being best for casual attires.


Color preference is a respective choice of wearers. For casual attire, any color choice is okay. But things get different whilst a belt is purchased to wear in formal attire.


Cleaning a belt is essential for keeping a belt remain glistening. Periodical cleaning helps retain the polished look of a belt. It’s not a problem washing a belt, but be careful about washing when the belt is made of fiber. In the case of fiber-made belts, try to wash them following the proper guidelines of the company.

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